• Name: Evil Medium (can be re-named)

    AlignmentMafia Support

    Lore: a Regular Medium who could speak to the dead. Went insane, he submitted to the mafia and now speaks to the dead for them.

    Attack: None

    Defense: None

    Unique Role: Yes

    Priority: 3

    Abilities: Can speak to the dead at night.

    Attributes: Every even-night have the ability to speak to the dead. (When you can't speak to the dead / see the dead chat. You speak to the mafia in mafioso chat.)

    Mechanics: Exactly like the normal Medium, you can speak to the dead. Except, you are evil and are working for the mafia. When talking to the dead, you will look like a normal medium, except on odd-number nights, you cannot talk to the dead.

    -Investigative Results-

    Sheriff: Suspicious


    Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, or Evil Medium. (or) Evil Medium, Janitor, or Retributionist.

    Consigliere/Witch: Your target is associated with the dead in a suspicious manner. They must be an Evil Medium.

    Goal: Kill all town that don't submit to the mafia.

    Wins With: Mafia, Witch, Survivor. 

    Must Kill: Town, Pest, Coven, ex-

    Anything Else: no

    Purpose/Reason: Just thought it was a decent idea. I'm fairly new to the game so I'm sorry if you notice problems in this post (Which you will)

    ik its kinda like a rehash but I enjoy this idea. It may debuff Medium quite a bit and cause problems but idk.

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    • ^ repost but it was on a guest account so i remade it on my actual account.

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    • In my opinion, I think it's an interesting way you went with on how to help the Mafia, at first glance it just seems to make Medium claims more suspicious, and well there isn't much info you could use from the dead

      I think buffing this would be a good idea like giving it a second ability (that isn't a seance) or so that it can speak to the dead everynight and during the day, since once veterans know that you aren't active on odd nights they will no longer speak with you.

      It does also seem to rely on Town Investigatives in order to get the most info and Consigliere is just better at finding info

      Rehashes are usually imo are for roles that tend to be easily confirmed such as Investigator and Escort, without Consigliere or Consort they would be easily confirmed if they claim by D2.

      In Conclusion,I think it's neat and has potential but you do need to buff it by giving another ability or something else you have in mind, maybe something like Necromancer?

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    • My main conclusion here is summed up in a few words:

      Introduces no new mechanics or gameplay to the game as the mafia don't benefit from being a medium.

      It's too close to normal medium.

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    • here's a potential extra idea for this role. durning the day acts as a talking source for the mafia. and can be talked to directly without alerting the rest of the town, but ONLY directly to him or from him DIRECTLY to someone else.

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    • Bobijawsome wrote:
      here's a potential extra idea for this role. durning the day acts as a talking source for the mafia. and can be talked to directly without alerting the rest of the town, but ONLY directly to him or from him DIRECTLY to someone else.

      Good idea. Since people are talking about how this is under-buffed, that could give it the slight edge. 2nd ability.

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    • No, that's not it.

      This isn't "Under-buffed", but it's just not fitting with the game. 

      I really need you to understand that this role just can't work. Here's an easy analogy.

      The Medium is like salt. You greatly benefit from putting it on steak, which is a quick yet effective fix, albeit situational and not for all foods.

      This role is like taking salt and putting it in milk.

      Why did you put salt in milk?

      The milk doesn't benefit at ALL from having salt.

      Although you can't taste it, that's just a waste of time and resources to put salt in your milk. You don't need it to drink milk. Salt provides nothing to milk. However, if you buffed this role, or added more salt in, it would ruin the milk because now the milk tastes salty and is being overpowered by salt (this role to the Mafia).

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    • I'll try to defend this role a bit :)

      I think it does sound bad but has potential, while it just makes medium claims more suspicious , The fact that it can act as a free consig and can provide claims for a short amount of time is good, Ex: Tracker finding a guy visiting N2 but dying, Boom a slight increase in survivability for a Forger Lookout/Tracker claim

      Lookout on a TP LO call but dying before revealing results? Boom you know who visited and can claim Lookout or kill potential TP

      It also makes a Retributionist revive less powerful by making medium claims less confirmed easily

      However yes you're right as of now Consigliere would be better than this role in most scenarios and it would kinda be a bit limited to TI, I think a rehashed necro would be a good buff but the only difference is that it could only control people who was killed by Mafia and that they cannot target the Mafia

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    • Excuse me but why does mafia need a medium, not to mention a nerfed one? This is as pointless as adding a mafia sheriff. This doesn't benefit mafia at all, it just makes it harder to confirm an already hard to confirm role. It can get info, but that just makes it a worse consig.

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    • A FANDOM user
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