• Name: Phisher Alignment: Mafia Deception

    Summary: A former playwright that uses props and optical illusions to lure the town into a trap of misinformation

    Attack: None

    Defense: None

    Unique Role: Yes

    Priority: 1

    Abilities: Choose a target non-mafia member at night. Target is forced to visit you unless they are unable to visit you.

    Mechanics: If successful, the target will not know that they have visited the Phisher rather than their target. the Phisher will also get a message that says “You feel the footsteps of someone falling for your bait." If unsuccessful, the Phisher will receive no message. In which case, the effect is nullified. Examples of targets being unable to visit the Phisher are: target is a role that cannot visit the Phisher (meaning that during the night, they cannot select the Phisher), such a retributionist or a Werewolf on odd nights, they have been roleblocked, they are control immune, they have been controlled, or they were jailed. You The Phisher will be notified if they have been jailed.

    Attributes: Roleblock Immunity (you know, in case you visit an escort, there’s no paradox), Control Immune (Same reason. No paradox if visit self)

    -Investigative Results-

    Sheriff: Your Target is suspicious 

    Investigator: Framer, Jester, Vampire, Phisher, Hex Master

    Consigliere/Witch: Your target meticulously places decoys, causes distractions, and lures people into their home. They must be a Phisher.

    Goal: Kill anyone that will not submit to the Mafia

    Wins With: Mafia Survivor Witch

    Must Kill:Town Vampires Coven Plaguebearer Pestilence Arsonist Serial Killer Werewolf Juggernaut

    Purpose/Reason: It is meant to be able to frame others by giving them incorrect information while having bonus utility but with severe weaknesses, such as spies, unknown vigilantes, and NK non-visiting roles. Very powerful in the right hands, but can just as easily be found out immediately and be worked around or killed.

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    • This role idea is pretty good. I can see a multitude of uses for this role (redirect TPs, incorrect TI information, potential sacrifice plays). I would see this role being useful moreso in Forum Mafia because I don't think the majority of ToS players would know how to use this role properly (they'd just end up killing themselves on Vigilantes or NKs).

      I would remove the message that the target receives if the allure attempt fails. The less to confirm a member of the Mafia's role, the better. I'm also not a huge fan of the name, but I don't really have a suggestion for a better name.

      /support if the attempt fail notifications are removed.

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    • Alright, I did that. I not too experienced with the game (though I do know my generalish stuff), so all advice helps

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    • It's very creative, a more subtle transporter. I assume you could use this to get a TP/LO off of jailor as well.

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    • A suggestion: Make this role control immune, since this can cause some issue that might cause in a loop.

      Otherwise, this is a great role! 9/10

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    • I actually find this very useful.  Way better than most of the other mafia deception roles.  10/10 support.

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    • So this is kinda like a quiet witch that controls targets to herself.

      I see this useful in:

      - Confusing TI's when they think they investigated someone, but instead they investigated you.

      - Taking TP's away from important roles

      However, it might be hard for town when people start accusing investigators of being executioner or jester, when it's really just the Phiser messing up the visits

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    • This doesnt have control immunity, so what happens if you make a witch visit you? (FYI, witch actually doesn't have control immunity).

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    • Then do what I did in GIM and give it control immunity.

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    • A FANDOM user
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