• Role: Agent (Unique)

    Town Alignment: Town Support or Town Protective

    Attack: None (Basic to the sacked person if killed at night.)

    Defense: None (Invincible while Hiding/Conceal.)

    Goal: Lynch or kill all evildoers.

    Ability: (Priority - 2 (Below coven leader, witch, etc.))

    - Choose a person every night to Sack, this will prevent them from doing their role but will grant them an invincible defense for the night. (Simulating hiding someone in a safe place whilst keeping them bound)

    - Choosing yourself will cause you to Conceal / Hide, while being concealed / hiding you gain invincible defense for the night.

    - If you die in the night while having someone sacked, the sacked person takes a Basic Attack. (Simulating them trying to escape from the bound and possibly failing.)

    - You can do your abilities at most 3 times in a game.


    - When you Sack someone, it will cause all visits toward them to fail during that night (Showing "Your target can't be found last night!"). This includes any kind of attack including Pestilence.

    - When you Conceal yourself, it will also causes all visits toward you to fail during that night (Also showing "Your target can't be found last night!"). This also includes any kind of attack.

    Investigator Results:  Your target could be a Spy, Blackmailer, Jailor, Agent or Guardian Angel.

    Sheriff Results: There is no evidence of wrongdoing, your target seems innocent.

    Consigliere Results: Your target works from shadows, detaining and hiding his target for the town. They must be an Agent.


    - Any attacks, literally any kind of attack, will fail while the target is sacked or hiding.

    - You can't Sack Jailor, Godfather, Coven Leader, Revealed Mayor, Investigatior, Consigliere, Serial Killer, Survivor, Guardian Angel. or Vampire. Attempting to do so will simply waste a charge of your ability.

    - If an Agent attempt to sack a Werewolf on full moon, alerted Veteran, stonegazing Medusa, the Pestilence, or at least tier 3 juggernaut they will be killed.

    - Any role that attempted to visit the sacked / hiding target (Werewolf, Investigator, Plaguebringer, etc) will simply stay at home.

    - Any action that a visitor attempt at sacked / hiding target will be canceled. (Ex: Arsonist won't douse its target, Vigilante won't fire his shots, etc)

    - You can't be roleblocked but you can still be controled.


    - If any visiting role visits a target that is being sacked or hiding, they will receive the message “Your target can't be found last night!”.

    - While hiding the message “You decided to conceal yourself and hide for tonight!” will appear for you. If you sack someone, they will see “You have been bound and sacked!” but nothing else (No attempted murder, duel, blackmail, etc.) and you will see “You decided to sack and hide PERSON  somewhere secure tonight!”, you will also see any attempt that targeted to the sacked person or yourself if hiding (Murder attempt, blackmail, etc).

    - If an agent die in the night they sacked someone this additional message appear to the sacked person ("Your captor seems to be gone, you attempted to unbound yourself" If having no defense: "to no avail.", If having any defense: "and made an escape,")

    - If a character died from sacking: "They found dead in the middle of nowhere, bounded."

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    • It's not the worst idea but as you said, it's a weird hybrid of two categories. Mainly protective I guess? It's also instantly confirmed as existing and unfakeable, and outclasses even pestilence. Not a huge fan.

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    • Grandmaster Sluggy wrote:
      It's not the worst idea but as you said, it's a weird hybrid of two categories. Mainly protective I guess? It's also instantly confirmed as existing and unfakeable, and outclasses even pestilence. Not a huge fan.

      The target that Agent "protect" can't do their nightly duty making this ability realy limited on defensive side without hampering the town (Example: Sacking Doctor, Bodyguard, Medium).

      Not to mention, revealing yourself as an Agent put a mark on you. You also ony have three charge of your ability, if you use one to confirm yourself you signaling that you only have at most 2 charge and any killing role can simply try to kill you again and again without repercusion (Unless if Doctor or Bodyguard gets involved).

      Since all you have to do to kill most character that been sack is to kill the agent. An agent has no attack or defense and chances are they will be easily dispatched. In order to be usefull you need to stay hidden, not pulling to much attention to yourself and being conservative at using your abilities.

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    • The reprecussion is wasting a night with no kills potentially. Also, when do you ever need invincible defense? A werewolf and arso maybe, but you'd need 1000 iq to pull that off. Any other time doc would be better bc doc doesn't roleblock. And as you said if they protect someone else and get killed they also kill the person. Invincible defense is nearly useless in ranked ToS. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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