• Name: Secretist

    Alignment: Town Support or Town Power (Maybe in WM)


    Attack: None (Can get Basic)

    Defense: None (Can get Basic)

    Unique Role: Yes? 

    Priority: 6 (Transformation) and 5 (Ability)


    • During the Night, you may fake a notification (similar to Hypnotist)
    • As the game progresses you get stronger

    Mechanics pt 1:

    • If a spy bugs your target they will recieve the fake notification

    Fake notifications include:

    • You were transported to another location.
    • Someone occupied your night. You were role blocked!
    • You feel a mystical power dominating you. You were controlled by a Witch!
    • You were attacked but someone nursed you back to health!
    • You were attacked but a trap saved you!
    • You were attacked but someone protected you!


    • Upon reaching N5 everyone gets notified of the Secretist's presence (Change?)
    • Upon reaching N6 You gain Basic Defense that gets destroyed at the first attack and your night ability will also attack your target with a Basic Attack
    • Upon reaching N7 You gain an extra vote to use for your first 2 lynches

    Mechanics pt 2:

    • N/A

    -Investigative Results-

    Sheriff: Your target seems Innocent

    Investigator: Survivor/Amnesiac/Vampire Hunter/Psychic/Medusa/Secretist

    Consigliere/Witch: Your target stays quiet in start of their revolution. They must be the Secretist!

    Goal: Same as Town

    Wins With: Same as Town

    Must Kill: Same as Town

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    • The other attributes are overkill, keep it to the abilities

      I think this would be a good target for actually fighting back at the suspected mafia. If you suspet someone you can keep sending them random notifications to mess with their sense of notifications.

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    • But the attributes are the main highlight though if it just does fake messages it doesn't do much to contribute

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    • In that case I do not support this role

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    • aw :(

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    • But if you do think that the "ability" part is good, give me 2 likely scenarios that aren't rare and would be a good use of the ability cuz the ability is so that you get into late game where you confirm the win for Town as the role is built for late game win confirmation

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    • 1: Several evils are being outed and are likely to be lynched: Therefore, you can repeatedly 'attack' one of the suspects, making them a lot more pressured and unable to tell when they actually get attacked. You can pretend to be a Vigi and be bait for an LO, and you can pretend to be a Transporter.


      Discourage Janitors and limited-charge evils by pretending like there is a witch and "controlling" them.

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    • Ok I'd give a 8.5/10 but the attributes are the main hightlight though sure you could do your own "balanced" version of this and I would play an ad for Raid : Shadow Legends support it

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    • the attributes might as well be a TPo

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    • A FANDOM user
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