• Name:  Detective

    AlignmentTown Investigative

    Introduction: You are an officer who has eye for details.

    Attack: None

    Defense: None

    Unique Role: No

    Priority: 4


    • Durning the Night, you may check one target for special effects.


    • You will check your target for special effects that they might not be knowlegled with every night. You will receive message about effect(s) if you will find any in your target.
    • You will receive message that your target is framed only if Framer framed them the same night you checked.
    • If you're jailed, you will check Jailor for effects, you won't know Jailor's identity.
    • Your targets won't know that they are checked.
    • You won't be able to check your target if they died the night you tried to check, or they are jailed.


    • None

    -Investigative Results-

    Sheriff: Your target is not suspicious.

    Investigator: Investigator, Consigliere, Detective or Mayor

    Consigliere/Witch: Your target is an officer who has eye for details. They must be an Detective!

    Goal: Town Goals

    Wins With: Town Goals

    Must Kill: Town Goals

    Messages: (They appear when you check someone)

    • Your target seems to be covered in flammable liquid. They must be doused in gas!
    • Your target has wrong information that wasn't made by them. They must have forged will!
    • Your target seems to have something suspicious that doesn't belong to them. They must be framed!
    • Your target is scared and doesn't want to talk. They must be blackmailed!
    • Your target is doing something that they have no control over. They must be witched!
    • Your target doesn't look too good. They must be poisoned!
    • Your target acts funny and moves around frantictly. They must be hexed!
    • Your target belives in false information. They must be hypnotized!
    • You can't find anything unusual in your target. (If they have no effects)

    Lore: No ideas. Might make later.

    Discussion: Detective sounds similliar to Investigator, if you got any ideas for a better role name - don't hestitate to suggest it. If you want to get more organized in that discussion, or you have lots of spare time, you maybe even can make some lore - beacuse why the heck not?

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    • Analyst would be a better name idk

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    • This is too specific with minimal applications, and is very similar to a Spy Bug. In fact Spy's bug sees a few of those things.

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    • If this role were to be more useful, it would probably need another mechanic. At the moment the detective can't even see roleblocks, which could be useful. The detective really needs to be able to see more things, or maybe it could use another mechanic.

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    • It's kind of dependent on roles in order for it to be better than a Spy Bug. It needs arsonist, hex master, framer, hypnotist, or forger. Also I suggest adding in all the messages spies would see along with the new messages that this role would see. 

      Things to add:

      - Roleblock messages?

      - Janitor cleans (redundant, but needed considering this role is supposed to see effects)

      - Attacked by ______

      - Healed or protected

      - Died guarding

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    • Let this view all the special effects and then maybe, but it just seems like a stronger Spy bug, which really isn't saying much. I don't see this having much applications, what are you supposed to do with the information of someone being doused outside from saying "oh no, there's an arso!"? Most people would come out with these results anyways (RB, poisoned, witched). Just don't think this is very useful.

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