• Lol i played arso in this game and i had a big oof. The first two nights my doused targets were killed(suicide and sks) There were 3 sks lol. At the end it was me three sks and mafioso(only mafia in the game, f in the chat for him). I claimed  surv since i got attacked thrice in one night and we lynched the mafioso. Then I said I was sk once he was lynched. I doused one person and we lynched the other that was accused by the mafioso the day before. Then I was like hahaha I win lol gg. That was the best arso game of my life lol

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    • EZ win #2

      I was playing all any(again). This time there was nothing stupid like 3 sks, more or less just regular role list with two nks instead of one. 3 mafia and a ww. Lucky for me the mayor was stupid. There was an investigator that investigated me and asked me my role, I said investigator because that is ez arso claim. I listed a few dead and doused people as their respective roles, and the guy believed me. The mayor revealed (I had doused him a few nights before) and we started lynching people. At around Day 6 I think I was accused for being arsonist, and lucky for me the mayor was stupid, because he believed I was investigator. The consigliere tried revealing as an investigator and outing me(which is also really stupid because doused people come up as arsonist for the consigliere as well) but he also said I was immune(which doesnt make sense) and then he promptly got himself lynched. I immediately doused someone else, and then the confirmed vig accused me of arso again, but he didn't shoot me, I have no idea why. (Lucky for me the mayor was stupid) they put me on trial and then inno'ed me, then did it again and inno'ed me again because the mayor trusted me. Finally we put the werewolf on trial and lynched him(that was completely luck, we just randomly accused someone else and they turned out to be ww) and since there were 4 people left(me, a revealed mayor, a confirmed vig, and a bg) and the vig and the mayor were doused, I just ignited two of them (that night the dead medium seanced me and said "lucky for me the mayor was stupid", nice) and then doused the bg and ignited him after that. 

      Very ez win

      Lucky for me the mayor was stupid

      Lucky for me the mayor was stupid counter: 

      (Show me how many times I said Lucky for me the mayor was stupid in this comment)

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    • Five if you don't count the counter, Seven if you do count the counter.

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    • good job

      lucky for me the mayor was stupid

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    • Six/Eight

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    • A FANDOM user
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