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    Name: Marshall

    Alignment:  Town Support

    Attack: None

    Defense: None

    Unique Role: Yes, there can only be either a Mayor or Marshall in one game

    Priority: Day Ability

    Abilities: At day, choose to reveal yourself(similar to Mayor) only once though,

    Attributes: By revealing, you can lynch multiple times in that one day (rapid-mode, but roles are not revealed until after the day ends). Up to 3(maybe more, undecided) lynches may occur.

    -Investigative Results-

    Sheriff: You cannot find any evidences of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent

    Investigator: Your target could be a Judge, Marshall, or Mayor

    Consigliere/Witch: Your target is the law and order of this town. They must be a Marshall!

    Goal: Kill every criminal and evildoer.

    Wins With: Town, Survivor 

    Must Kill: Mafia, Coven, Serial Killer, Werewolf, Arsonist, Juggernaut, Plaguebearer, Pestilence, Witches, Vampires.

    You may spare anyone else.

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    • The Judge is a counter role to the Marshall who is NE(Sorry if it's confusing with the other post in this thread)

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    • So you're reworking the investigator results to incorporate this? We kinda need a filled for where the Mayor no longer is. Also Judge gets no claim space.

      Does sound like a good idea though! I would like to see it in gameplay.

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    • I'm interested but I don't see many scenarios where you should use the ability to rapid lynch. What if you just lynched a townie and you're accidentally gonna lynch a second? Only useful if you've locked down who the mafia are but it just speeds the game up.

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    • Hmm I suppose but that’s the point. It’s supposed to be a role with flaws, and take scumreading in account. Otherwise it’ll just be another ret role with just a press of a button that sets back all evils.

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    • Judge I believe can get claim space if we introduce another town role(Town crier) which is a town role that lets you speak at night. Judge can also speak at night, both showing up the pseudonym of “Crier” when they speak at night.

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    • But Crier will be mainly useless unless if he has important info to share at night to everyone (And showing up under the pseudonym “Judge” when he speaks if the Judge calls court during the day). However it’s fun to entertain the thought of introducing this new town role to give the Judge claim space and instill fear into the Marshall if he sees someone speak at night because u know, the Judge can override the Marshall’s ability.

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