• Alignment: TS


    Detection immunity

    Attack: None (may change based on abilities)

    Defense: None (may change based on abilities)



    - Steal from a dead player or use a stolen ability at night.


    - At the beginning of each night, you will be informed of how many charges each dead player has.

    - You may only steal from a dead person as many times as their charges allow.

    - When you steal from a dead player, you will be able to use their ability as if it were your own, and you will gain all of their special attributes and immunities.

    - You cannot steal from unique roles.

    Investigation Results:

    Sheriff: Your target is innocent

    Investigator: Med, Jani, Retri, Necro, Trapper, Grave Robber

    Consigliere: Your target robs graves. They must be the Grave Robber

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    • Retributionist is being reworked and wil likely be very similar to this [Or rather, a town aligned Necromancer] 

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    • Isn't this literally just a town Necro?

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    • Steal from a dead player that sounds so messed up XD

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    • A FANDOM user
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