• Alignment: Town Protective


    Attack: Basic

    Defense: None

    Priority: 3


    - Kill anybody that visits your target.


    - Every other night protect somebody.

    - You will attack anybody that visits your target with a Basic Attack.

    - You are immune to being roleblocked.

    Investigation Results:

    Sheriff: Innocent

    Invest: BodyguardGodfatherArsonist,  Crusader, or Samurai.

    Direct: Your target kills anybody who dares to visit their target. They must be a Samurai!

    Win Conditions: Basic Town

    This is Take 2 on the role, and that is the one Duwiiton reviewed and why I changed it. Hopefully this is more balanced.

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    • Priority 3 - that's the priority for protection. 

      In my opinion, this would make a terrible TP because you can't protect important targets like the Mayor, and it's also not great at killing. I've tried making a role like this too, but in a theoretical game it would be a general waste of time because the important roles that actually need protecting will have to waste time visiting you, if they're even capable. 

      Instead, there should be a better system for protecting others, if possible. Maybe the possibility of unique visiting requirements, such as needing to be visited the last night in exchange for being a better guard than a Bodyguard the next night?

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    • ah ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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