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Wins With: Same as {{Town}}
Wins With: Same as {{Town}}
Must Kill: Same as {{Town}}<ac_metadata title="undefined"> </ac_metadata>
Must Kill: Same as {{Town}}<ac_metadata title="Me wants you to review this role idea"> </ac_metadata>

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Name: Secretist

Alignment: Town Support or Town Power (Maybe in WM)


Attack: None (Can get Basic)

Defense: None (Can get Basic)

Unique Role: Yes? 

Priority: 6 (Transformation) and 5 (Ability)


  • During the Night, you may fake a notification (similar to Hypnotist)
  • As the game progresses you get stronger

Mechanics pt 1:

  • If a spy bugs your target they will recieve the fake notification

Fake notifications include:

  • You were transported to another location.
  • Someone occupied your night. You were role blocked!
  • You feel a mystical power dominating you. You were controlled by a Witch!
  • You were attacked but someone nursed you back to health!
  • You were attacked but a trap saved you!
  • You were attacked but someone protected you!


  • Upon reaching N5 everyone gets notified of the Secretist's presence (Change?)
  • Upon reaching N6 You gain Basic Defense that gets destroyed at the first attack and your night ability will also attack your target with a Basic Attack
  • Upon reaching N7 You gain an extra vote to use for your first 2 lynches

Mechanics pt 2:

  • N/A

-Investigative Results-

Sheriff: Your target seems Innocent

Investigator: Survivor/Amnesiac/Vampire Hunter/Psychic/Medusa/Secretist

Consigliere/Witch: Your target stays quiet in start of their revolution. They must be the Secretist!

Goal: Same as Town

Wins With: Same as Town

Must Kill: Same as Town

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