Town of Salem Wiki

The following page is a guide on how to blend in with the Town and survive, along with other strategies - or in the Jester's case, the opposite (at least, in terms of being lynched). For specific strategies regarding certain roles, please refer to their page.

Name Selection

  • Try not to have a similar name to somebody else in the game, for example, "Jayy" and "Jayyy" or "Tempestral" and "Temprestral". This is annoying when trying to lynch someone, whispering to that player, or writing that player's name in your Last Will. This may also get the wrong player lynched.
    • Confusion can be averted by referring to them by their number. However, bear in mind that not everyone does this (especially newer players).
  • Players with names such as "Deodat Lawson", "Cotton Mather" and "Betty Parris" didn't select a name, so are probably new to the game, or away from the keyboard. However, in Ranked, players with the aforementioned names may be using a strategy to go unnoticed or get away with not having a Last Will.
    • Evil roles may try to push up and draw attention to players with a Default name in the hopes that they are a Town Role who is away from the keyboard.
    • These players could also be a sneaky Veteran that are baiting evil roles, however this is most likely not the case if nobody in the game was shown to have a Veteran scroll in the role selection screen.
    • There is a popular myth that default names, most commonly "Giles Corey" and "Deodat Lawson", are always an evil role, making players with this name targeted more often than other players. However, keep in mind that this myth is just that - a myth. Do not lynch players based on their name.
  • Evil roles are most likely to attack annoying players, such as roleplayers, spammers, over-emoters, and players with a bad name first—particularly if the player's name is associated with something they have an unconscious or subconscious dislike towards. Later in the game, they are also likely to kill important Town Investigative roles over others due to not having as many players, increasing the chances of the evils being found. 
    • However, more experienced evil roles may avoid killing annoying players to avoid directing negative attention from the Town (being observed by Lookout), to avoid being killed by a Bodyguard or avoid a Veteran who's Veteran-baiting.
    • They may also avoid these players in the hope that the Town finds them so insufferable that they lynch regardless of role, even a Jester
  • A general tip is to avoid having a name that is particularly eye-catching or obnoxious (especially controversial), as these players are generally killed off early on, (especially on Night 1 when no one knows who to kill). If the majority of the lobby has a name with no spaces, then you should have one as well. However, you shouldn't change the way you play because of this.
  • If there is a theme, following it could help you to build alliances and have fun with other players who followed the theme. Sometimes, the theme gets out of hand and players might try to lynch/kill other players that didn't follow the theme. This can be counted as gamethrowing if they lynch confirmed Townies (or in the case of Mafia, Coven, and Vampires, they push to lynch players on their team that did not follow the theme). Regardless of who they target, it is also usually reportable for harassment. Remember, even if someone doesn't follow the theme nobody has the right to ruin a game because of it.
  • Try to not use the same name every single game, especially if you have just finished another game and have joined another in the same game mode. Players that have been in other games with you can pick up tendencies in things like Death Note, which can lead to them calling you out and potentially getting you lynched. If you performed especially well, you may be killed by evils early on who wish to kill off the good players. However, this does not mean it's against the rules, or completely prohibited. This is all your choice.
    • Some players may see this as metagaming, which it is not. If you use the same name two games in a row, any consequences of that are your fault.
  • Avoid using any name containing "Moonman" or "Mannequin". They are the names used by groups of trolls known to spam racial slurs in-game. Using them will likely get you lynched, reported and possibly even suspended or banned.

Using Last Will

Town roles:

  • Write all your findings in your Last Will and share your news with the Town when you have a lead.
  • Write down in your Last Will who you are going to visit during the Day or before the Night ends, just in case you get killed before you have a chance to update it. You must exit your Last Will to save it.
  • After the Night ends, your Last Will cannot be saved again until the morning. This is done to avoid players adding additional notes after they are, for example, killed by a member of the Mafia. Remember to write anything that you would say if you were killed that Night, such as the last player you visited is suspicious, but in advance, in case they are suspicious and have killed you.
  • The Serial Killer, upon killing a roleblocker, makes their will too bloody to read, so if an Escort dies to a Serial Killer, if their will isn't removed, the last player the Escort visited may not be a Serial Killer, but they could have easily targeted the Escort whilst being cautious. However, Werewolves cannot clean the Last Wills of role blockers or spare role blockers. This can be used as evidence against the Werewolf if the Escort or Jailor is killed by said Werewolf late in the game.
  • You may also find it useful to keep a list of role claims from other players at the bottom of your will and to note any Town Roles who become confirmed during the course of the game, to narrow down your list of suspects.

Neutral & Mafia roles:

  • Have a fake Last Will written up and make it as believable as possible. Claim a role that is possible from the role list in that game. This way you're prepared in case you end up in jail or on trial.
  • If you're a role such as a Framer, Forger, or Consort, do NOT write who you have visited as it gives away who the non-Mafia are. However, you could write down your own members leading players to believe they are not a member of the Mafia.
    • This may have the opposite effect if you only write down Mafia members, so make sure to vary in who you write down.
  • In the case of the Consort, it may be beneficial to write down who you role blocked the last Night, in case you visit a Werewolf. However, bear in mind that early on in the game the Mafia may want to work with the Werewolf to ensure multiple kills each Night and a fast evil majority.
  • If you're a Consigliere, don't write down what role everyone is unless it benefits the Mafia. In the case that you are required to post your Last Will, post the results that an Investigator would see. If you discover someone is an Arsonist, Serial Killer, or Werewolf, you should leave that in your Last Will for the Town to see. Be on the lookout if there is a Spy, because if you're not careful, your investiative results may match up to the Spy's results, and you may be called out. 
  • If someone has a higher Defense value than your Attack value, you can write that down in your Last Will. You can even lie and claim that someone has a higher Defense value than your Attack value when that might not be the case.
    • However, bear in mind that this may include certain roles such as the Survivor and Executioner and that it may be more helpful for you to whisper them the following Day and attempt to work together if you suspect that to be the case.
  • If you're a member of the Mafia, do not attempt to fool the Town by listing the Mafia. If anyone listed is actually in the Mafia, you risk your account being reported for gamethrowing and may possibly be punished for doing so. You can write down fake members of the Mafia, though. Alternatively, you could put your fake Last Will in your Notes, and keep an accurate Last Will, as long as it does not reveal things about your team.

Coven roles:

  • Medusa completely wipes out Last Wills when they kill someone - including with the Necronomicon. Try and use this to your advantage by stoning roles whose Last Wills are important. (Investigator, Jailor, Sheriff, etc.)
    • As Coven Leader, if you control one of these roles (and thus learn their roles) then attempt to control them into your Medusa as soon as you think they're a threat.
      • Also use this strategy if your Potion Master finds one of them with her reveal potion.

Using Death Notes

  • If someone has a higher Defense value than your Attack value, you may write that down in your Death Note or in your Last Will in case you die.
  • Don't reveal Neutral Killings you have just found Night 1 unless it's a chaotic game mode! The Mafia and Coven should split kills with the Neutral Killings evenly until the Town loses majority.
  • Alternatively, you can lie and claim someone has a higher Defense value than your Attack value. This works well when you haven't killed the previous Night.
    • While it's risky, you might even "out" your own fellow Mafia members. However, you must discuss this with them beforehand, and be ready to back them up in an effort to "exonerate" them. Make sure you don't look too eager to help them out, since if their Mafia status is revealed, that puts suspicion on you.
  • If you're the Godfather or a Mafioso, it's good to change up your Death Note on a regular basis. If the Town notices the same Death Note over and over and then sees a completely different one, they may believe the Mafioso was roleblocked or jailed.
    • Expert players might be able to time this so that a dangerous role (such as the Investigator) is repeatedly roleblocked, or a Townie is executed by the Jailor (leaving them with no executions).
    • Alternatively, it may be wise for the Godfather to copy the Mafioso's Death Note. Though it won't fool the town into making mistakes, it also ensures the Mafioso will not be outed if and when they are jailed or roleblocked.
  • Do not make your Death Note related to the player you are attempting to kill as it may backfire.

During Gameplay

  • Anyone who's name has a "disconnected" (a plug) icon next to them is disconnected. Unless you're a member of the Mafia, do not waste your abilities on them.
    • As a Forger or Janitor, you can effectively take advantage of this by targeting them. For Forgers, it's even better as you can fake Mafia deaths (most notably, the Godfather).
    • As a Transporter, you can no longer transport yourself with someone who has left the game. Although the Night screen will give you the option to do so, the transport will not be successful.
    • As a Coven Leader, if the disconnected player is a member of the Coven, you can attempt to control someone into them in the hopes they're an Amnesiac to instantly replace lost numbers.
  • Beware of anyone who attempts to draw attention on Day 1. There is a good chance that they are "Veteran baiting". (Baiting to get evil roles to visit them because they are a Veteran).
  • There is no need to begin insulting the Town when things are not going to plan. Remember that not all of the Townies are with you. Do not expect the Town to contribute to your grand scheme, when there are 14 other different schemes running at the same time.
    • In fact, insulting and ridiculing the Town only serves to make them want to lynch you that much more.
  • If you are a member of the Mafia, then you can make yourself seem like a Jester when on trial by saying something like "I am blackmailoed" (misspelling blackmailed on purpose) to make players reluctant to lynch you or spell it right but miss the period at the end. Note that this should only be tried as a last resort, since many Townies like to lynch players who act like a Jester as it is a relatively common strategy. Even if they avoid lynching you, they may have you killed at Night.
  • Whispering doesn't make you suspicious, considering the Mafia have a private chat of their own. This will not stop other players from questioning you about whispers, thereby finding you suspicious.
  • Be careful around players who suggest role calls or ask for leads, especially early in game as they may be an evil role trying to blend in with the Town.
  • Randomly voting and randomly lynching players can make you appear suspicious and you might get yourself lynched. Some players might see you are obviously the Executioner, trying to lynch their target.
  • If someone is obviously acting like a Jester, Executioner, or other Neutral, there is no harm in pointing it out. Pointing out a Neutral role is perfectly okay since some Neutral roles can win with anyone. In fact, it might help players.
  • When you die, do not leave the game unless you have a zero percent chance of winning, because if you are a Townie, there may be a chance that you can pass on information to a Medium as well. Also, if you are an evil role in a faction, (for example, a Vampire), it is good to lie to the Medium. You can attempt to say that someone else is a member of your faction, hopefully framing them and getting them lynched. This might backfire as the Medium might not believe you or may report you for gamethrowing.
    • You could use this to utilize reverse psychology in an attempt to make one of your own members seem innocent.
    • Furthermore, if the Medium does believe you and gets the player you framed lynched, suspicion will fall on the Medium for making a bad call.
    • Do not reveal all your fellow members. This may lead to gamethrowing and getting you suspended or banned from the game.
  • If you are an evil role, it's good to memorize the investigative results you are likely to get. If you are a role like a Consort, claiming to be an Escort is obvious, but for roles like the Janitor, knowing what role to claim can be a huge asset. Having the wiki page of your claimed role up is also a good idea.
  • If you are an evil role with a faction, such as the Mafia, claiming Investigator is sometimes a good idea. This is called bussing. An instance of this would be when a Mafioso outs their Godfather to confirm themselves as well as to gain Defense, Detection Immunity, and the final decision on who to kill.
  • If you are an evil role, acting as if you are a Jester (e.g. typing in CAPS LOCK and making random accusations) may cause the Town not to accuse you, because you will seem to be a Jester. Repeatedly saying "HANG ME," or mention anything that isn't related to the game (not spamming, of course) may also increase your odds of not being accused as an evil role. However, remember that a Vigilante or Jailor may decide to kill you.
    • Ironically enough, Jester is one of the few evil roles where you don't want to act like one.
  • If you are Mafioso or Godfather, not killing for a few Nights could confuse Town as if Mafia Killing is being roleblocked by Escort, there will be a high chance that Town will lynch the player that's being roleblocked.
  • There are many players who are silent during the game, and they are often suspected as Neutral Killing. If you are a Jester, staying quiet in a game is not a bad idea, but keep in mind that your game might have a Jailor or Vigilante who shoots quiet players.
    • As a Jester, you can talk on Day 1 to make yourself look like a Veteran so no one would visit you. However, this could backfire if there are players who doesn't believe your bluffing.

When You are On Trial

  • Whether you're a good or evil role, you should immediately claim something and paste your Last Will.
    • To copy and paste a Last Will, open up the Last Will and simply click the speech bubble with a down arrow in the bottom right. This will automatically paste your entire Last Will into the chat. Alternatively, if you wish to only paste a certain part of your Last Will, open it up and highlight the part you want to copy. Press "Ctrl + C" to copy, and then press "Ctrl + V" in chat to paste said Last Will.
    • If you are a Jester, posting no will/posting it late could increase chances for you to get lynched, but in high ranked games, players would be prepared for this strategy. Additionally, make sure you have a fake will to give to the Jailor to prevent yourself from getting executed.
  • Defend yourself. Saying, "If I say my role, I'll die," is pointless because you will get either lynched for not claiming a role or killed by evil roles for seeming like an important Town role trying not to out themselves.
    • "Town" is not a role. It's an alignment. You cannot claim to be Town and expect to be voted innocent.
  • If you were "proven" to be an innocent role earlier, point that out.
  • Do not speak disrespectfully to the Town or they may be more inclined to vote guilty.
  • If you're evil, do not try to act like a Jester or an Executioner. Chances are extremely high that you'll be voted guilty.
  • Saying, "Whatever," is pointless. If you're a member of the Mafia or a Neutral Killing, you'll probably get lynched. If you're innocent, you'll automatically look suspicious anyway.
  • Never give up on trial. There is always something you can say to increase odds of living. If you are out of ideas, a good strategy would be to gaslight. For example, if you know you will be upped once voting starts, try to accuse someone else who is silent or also could be upped. Be noisy when gaslighting, chaos will make players more gullible.

When Others are On Trial

  • Abstaining is better than voting if you are not sure. If the player turns out to be evil and you voted innocent on said player, you will most likely be jailed or voted up by the other Townies. Voting innocent is fine if it was a random lynch, as you can just say that you don't believe in random lynches.
    • However, abstaining on someone who is known to be evil will almost certainly cast suspicion on you.
  • Alternatively, if you're a Jester who's trying to get lynched, vote innocent on players who may be a member of the Mafia or a Vampire. Players will hopefully assume that you are part of their faction and lynch you. Of course, you might get killed at Night by a Vigilante or Jailor.
  • If you can confirm that someone on trial is innocent, do so. If they have claimed that they have escorted you on Night 3 and they actually did - you should point that out. (If you're an evil role you don't necessarily have to of course.)
  • If somebody who was previously quiet becomes very loud and obnoxious, it's probably an Executioner who turned into a Jester.
  • If someone is on trial and is blackmailed, they will only be able to say "I am blackmailed. " This means that if someone is silent during their defense, they are NOT blackmailed.
  • If someone tries to be blackmailed in a Classic Mode game, or in a Custom Mode game without a Blackmailer, they might be suspicious or Jester, trying to get themselves hanged.
  • When someone claims a role such as a Town Killing or Town Protective role and yet you are in one of these alignments, counterclaim said player. They may be one of the Random Town roles, but having the counterclaim out there helps the Town immensely.

When You are Jailed

In general:

  • Avoid saying "hello" to the Jailor before you have claimed your role. Doing so can make the Jailor suspicious of you, as it can be seen as an attempt to buy time. This can lead to you being executed, even if you are a Town role.

Town roles:

  • You should share your role immediately with the Jailor and share your findings or thoughts.
  • Refusing to cooperate with the Jailor may lead to you being executed and as a result, the Jailor losing all of his executions.

Neutral & Mafia or Coven roles:

  • Prepare to claim a false role and have a fake Last Will written.
  • Aggressive Jailors will demand you to claim a role and paste your Last Will within a certain timeframe (usually 3 seconds), so be sure to update your Last Will from time to time. Don't get startled when the Jailor starts the 3 seconds countdown. You can have your Last Will copied before the Day ends.
  • Claiming to be an Executioner, Survivor, Jester, etc. is a free pass for a Jailor to execute you. Neutral roles don't help out the Town and there is a strong stigma against Survivors since they can support the Mafia or other evil roles such as the Serial Killer.
    • However, some Jailors will let Neutrals live. Sometimes, just telling the truth is the best option. But if you end up lying and your true role is revealed, the Jailor will almost certainly kill you.
    • It is safe to claim Neutral when Town loses the majority as Neutral is now in the kingmaker position.
  • Remain calm. If you begin panicking or lashing out at the Jailor, they will be more inclined to execute you.
  • Some Jailors will immediately click to execute you at the start of the Night. Again, do not panic. This is a strategy to see if you remain calm. After all, an "innocent" player has nothing to worry about if he's telling the truth. So lie your way out.
  • Wasting time may also buy you a Day or two if the Jailor knows your role, but experienced Jailors will know to execute you before the Night runs out.
  • As a member of the Mafia, you should always be cautious of being jailed. Don't immediately talk to your fellow members as Night begins as you might be in jail!
  • As the Serial Killer, use any role that hasn't been claimed yet, or has not died yet. If the Jailor doesn't decide to kill you, you'll kill him first. If he gets you down as a non-suspicious role, that's even better.
    • Make sure to avoid claiming Doctor, as it's an easy Serial Killer claim and can likely get you executed.

In-Game Tips

When players are told their received role, underneath the description of the role always shows a tip for players to follow:

  • Players who cooperate with their team win more games.
  • Jesters want to be hanged.
  • You can report a player by clicking their name in the target menu, then clicking the orange triangle with the "!" in it.
  • Randomly lynching a player favors the evil roles.
  • The Arsonist can clean the gas off of themselves if they take no action at night.
  • Multiple Executioners can have the same target, but they can't have the Jailor or Mayor as a target.
  • The Transporter can swap two players at night causing players that target one to target the other.
  • If the Godfather is roleblocked the Mafioso will attack the target the Mafioso selected, and vice versa.
  • An Escort/Consort may be attacked if they roleblock an incautious Serial Killer. This does not always mean the target they visited the night they died was the Serial Killer though.
  • If you would like to help get rid of toxic players be sure to check out the Trial System!
  • A Survivor can be the difference between winning the game by one vote, or losing because your team didn’t have enough votes.
  • Type /ignore [position] without the brackets[] to mute a player's messages.
  • Scrolls don't guarantee that you will get a role, but they increase your chances a large amount.
  • Scrolls only increase your chances of getting a role if that role is in the game.
  • Scrolls do not work in Ranked games!
  • If you click on a living player's name there is an option to whisper them.
  • If an Executioner's target is killed at night the Executioner will become a Jester.
  • Spamming, regardless of role, is not allowed.
  • Claiming to cheat is not a valid tactic and we will take your word for it. This includes pretending to be a bot.
  • The Framer and Arsonist will change the results shown to investigative roles.
  • Wills are a powerful tool, use them to your advantage.
  • Claiming to be or pretending to be a bot may result in your account being banned.