Town Investigative (TI) is the alignment of investigative roles that are sided with the Town. These roles are able to gather information on the roles, alignments, or actions of other players, which can help them judge which players are their friends and which are their enemies. It is important for these roles to have a sense of urgency, and to not be afraid to speak up when the Town has a lack of information. Deciding the best moment to come out and share information is just as important as deducing who the evil-doers are. A common mistake when playing these roles is to stay silent the whole game even though what the Town Investigative knows could win the game for the Town, simply due to fear of death from nightly visits, however, the opposite is likely to happen, with being either lynched or just randomly being killed at night. Another less common yet still common mistake is to reveal information Day 2 or blurt out information to the town that accuses someone else to be evil and make you look like an Executioner (some experienced players may believe you, however).

All Town Investigative roles need to understand their death can be a valuable sacrifice when a certain amount of information is at hand and realize other members of the Town needs information to be truly useful, sometimes even by saving the brave Town Investigative. Additionally, this alignment should always keep a Last Will, as when they die, the remaining Townies gain a lot of info from what they may have found so far. The worst thing that could happen to a Town Investigative role, however, is to be cleaned by a Janitor, to die on night one and have no Retributionist/Medium, or to be forged by a Forger, so just be careful when someone else gets cleaned in the graveyard. Additionally, make sure to get your information out soon so it doesn't get lost. It is also a good idea to check for Escorts and Consorts to make sure they don't roleblock you. You should also, at the end of every night, save your Last Will just in case you die (exit out of your Last Will to save it). If there is a Medium or a Retributionist in game, you should tell them exactly what you found the night you died. It is usually best to stay in game until you find there is no Medium or Retributionist exists when you die. If you have no Last Will, or one with obvious information, you might appear as a Disguiser and a Medium might not believe your claim. If you find your Last Will to be different than what you typed, you might have been forged by a Forger, so if there is a Medium or Retributionist, tell the town that there is one and show your Last Will. If you are cleaned by a Janitor, tell the Medium any information you might have to aid the Town.

It is also important to work with Town to deduce the evil players, so cooperation is key to winning. If you know someone is confirmed, you can work with them to find the Mafia quickly, and you can also confirm other players or de-confirm them if the confirmed player you worked with is a Town Investigative, most especially a Psychic or Spy. If no one is really confirmed yet, you should be careful of the players you trust, so you can choose to investigate them. This could waste a night, however.

On the other hand, many roles who oppose the Town are heavily incentivized to pretend to be a Town Investigative role - it is an easy alignment to claim as information can easily be faked and it provides wiggle room when thought to be suspicious, especially Sheriff, and in some cases, Psychic. Evil roles like to do this to spread misinformation and potentially lead the Town to lynch someone who is irrelevant or even innocent. Another strategy for evils would be to buss their team member to make them look "confirmed" in front of everyone. A Town Investigative must understand that the Town may doubt the legitimacy of their claim because of this, and may need to convince the Town they are who they claim to be. Near the end of the game, if there are many confirmed townies, the Town may be quick to lynch the Town Investigative claims, if they haven't shared or done anything in the Town, especially if their voting pattern is suspicious. 

Town InvestigativeEdit

Role Name Role Description
Sheriff Check one person each night for suspicious activity. You are able to find all Mafia members except the Godfather, all of the Coven (without the Necronomicon), the Serial Killer, and the Werewolf (on a full moon). Hex Masters and Framers can mess with your results.
Investigator Investigate someone each night for a hint of their role. You will be given three to five possible roles that your target may be, such as a Framer, Vampire, or Jester. Hex Masters, Framers, Arsonists, and Disguisers can mess with your results. Juggernauts will have no result, which will be a dead giveaway.
Spy Watch who the Mafia and Coven visit at night. Bug someone at night, revealing all non-TI targeting actions against them (transporting, roleblocking, attacking, etc).
Lookout Watch someone at night to see who visits them.Cannot see Astral visits.
Tracker Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Track one person at night to see who they visit.

Psychic Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Receive a vision every night. On odd nights, you receive a vision of three players, one of which is confirmed to be an evil and the other two can be evil or good. On Full Moon or even nights you will receive a vision of two players, one of which is confirmed to be a good role while the other can be good or evil. Good roles are all Townies and Neutral Benigns, while evil roles are anything else.

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