Town of Salem - The Coven Trailer

Town of Salem - The Coven Trailer

On June 6th, 2017, The Coven expansion was released. This expansion included 16 new roles, a new faction known as the Coven, and new rotating Game Modes.

Roles Added

Please note that these roles cannot be played in the classic version and may only be played in the Coven expansion itself.

Coven Roles
Role Alignment Abilities
Coven Leader Coven Evil You may choose to control someone each night.
Hex Master Coven Evil You may choose to hex a player each night.
Medusa Coven Evil You may choose to stone gaze all visitors at night.
Necromancer Coven Evil You may reanimate a dead player and use their ability on a player.
Poisoner Coven Evil You may choose to poison a player each night.
Potion Master Coven Evil You may choose to use a potion on a player each night.

Mafia Roles
Role Alignment Abilities
Ambusher Mafia Killing You may choose to lie in wait outside your targets house.
Hypnotist Mafia Deception You may sneak into a players house at night and plant a memory.

Neutral Roles
Role Alignment Abilities
Guardian Angel Neutral Benign Keep your target alive.
Juggernaut Neutral Killing You may choose to attack a player on Full Moon nights.
Pirate Neutral Chaos Choose a player to plunder each night.
Plaguebearer Neutral Chaos You may choose to infect a player with the plague each night.
Pestilence Neutral Chaos You may choose to rampage at a player each night. 

Town Roles
Role Alignment Abilities
Crusader Town Protective Protect one person during the night.
Psychic Town Investigative Receive a vision every night.
Tracker Town Investigative Track one person at night to see who they visit.
Trapper Town Protective You may set up a trap at another player's house.

Purchasing the Coven Expansion


Players may purchase the expansion for $5.00 USD on Steam. Players must own the base game on Steam in order to be able to play the Coven expansion. Once the player owns both and has logged into the Steam version of the game, the player will be able to freely play the Coven expansion on Steam and also on the browser.

Base Game:
Coven Expansion:


Players may purchase the expansion for $5.00 USD on for the browser version. Players must own Web Premium in order to be able to purchase and play the Coven expansion.

How to purchase the browser version:

  • Log into the game with the account you wish to own the expansion
  • Enter the game's "Shop"
  • Select the "ACCOUNT" tab
  • Select "Info" for the Coven Expansion
  • A menu will display "UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT"
  • Under "WEB PREMIUM", select "MORE INFO"
  • Select "WEB PREMIUM + COVEN EXPANSION", unless you already own Web Premium, in which you'd select "COVEN EXPANSION" instead
  • You will be re-directed to a site with payment options
  • Complete the payment


On October 14th, the Coven expansion became playable on the mobile version. A bundle is purchasable and would reward the buyer with the Phone-ix pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play as or with these new roles if I don't own the expansion?

These new roles are only playable in the expansion and cannot be played with in the traditional version of Town of Salem.

When do the rotating game modes switch out?

These game modes usually swap out every Tuesday at 1:00am CST. There may sometimes be a delay.

Why can I not enter a Coven Ranked match?

Currently there are not enough players attempting to play Coven Ranked.

Will players be able to try out the Coven for free?

We might do free weekends at some point in the future but it wouldn't be a super regular occurrence.

Dates of when the expansion has been free to try:

  • February 16th-19th of 2018
  • November 23rd-26th of 2018
  • December 14th-17th of 2018
  • January 25th-28th of 2019
  • March 22nd-25th of 2019
  • May 24th-27th of 2019
  • February 21st-24th of 2020
  • March 6th-9th of 2020
    Coven Free Ticket

On the 29th of January, Coven Tickets were added to the game.

Coven tickets have now been granted to all users who qualify.

Users get 3 Coven tickets per 25 games played up to a maximum of 250 games played.

Each Coven ticket allows for 1 free game of the Coven.

Tickets are consumed similar to scrolls in that they are only consumed when a game ends, thus in the event of a server restart or server crash your ticket won't be consumed.

This allows for one game of any Coven mode, and over 250 games will give a maximum of 30 tickets. Previously played game will count towards gaining Coven Tickets e.g. if you played 50 games, you will receive 6 Coven Tickets. Leaving a game that was entered with a Coven Ticket will use up your ticket.

Why isn't this expansion free?

None of the Coven roles (meaning all 15 roles in the expansion) are going to be added to classic. Coven will have a ranked mode so you aren't going to be missing out on anything. I think there will be little reason to continue playing classic unless you want to remain F2P or you are playing with friends that don't own Coven. We are trying to move away from F2P (microtransactions) and focus more on a freemium model (free version and paid version). With a freemium model we can spend a majority of our focus on just creating the best play experience possible and hoping a decent percentage of users pickup the Coven. With F2P we were forced to spend too much of our focus on cosmetics, sales and analytics. If there is a positive reaction to the Coven (15-20% conversion would be awesome) you can expect to see a big shift. We will pull back on promotion popups and microtransaction systems. We would much rather be spending our time making a great game that is worth $10.

Another big change you can expect to see is in the player base. Banning toxic users and multi-accounters is an unwinnable battle in F2P unless you force new accounts to go through a boring early leveling experience which of course hurts your new user experience and retention. With a freemium model everything changes. Multi-accounters will have to pay $10 per account and then have all of them banned in one swoop. You won't see much of that in the Coven. Additionally toxic users are going to get suspended or banned and realize that they need to play nice or lose all of the value in their account and wallet. We already have plans in place to bring on more judges for the trial system and to prioritize Coven reports. We hope to suspend/ban toxic players within 24 hours or less. Word will quickly spread through the Coven community that your account won't last long if you aren't respectful of other players.


On the 16th of May 2017, BlankMediaGames (BMG) made an announcement which told of the future expansion. On May 17th, the Public Test Realm (PTR) opened up, allowing users to freely test the expansion using the browser version of the game until June 6th of 2017.

In the PTR, users had noticed a mystery role which BMG had announced earlier. This was to be a surprise. However, the community had noticed scrolls available in the shop for this mystery role, and quickly learned of its name, which is the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut scrolls were later removed from the shop, though players may still obtain these scrolls by purchasing a bundle which contains 3 of every scroll.

On June 6th of 2017, BMG closed off the PTR and released the expansion on Steam.

On July 20th of 2017, the expansion was released for the browser version.

On October 14th of 2018, the expansion was finally released for the mobile version.


The Witch is the only Classic role that is not playable in the Coven DLC game mode. This is because Coven Leader can confirm the same night ability as the Witch

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