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Although Town of Salem is a very flexible game in terms of roles, goals, and strategies, there are still rules that should be followed. As roles are added and updated, several sub-rules might change. You may also find these rules in-game. Failure to follow the rules may result in a temporary suspension or ban (depending on how bad the user is).

These rules are in no specific order and they apply to all platforms and game modes.


Please read the Terms of Use for a full and comprehensive list of all rules, straight from Blank Media Games.

Wrongful Slander and Legal Rules

  • No False Claims of Impersonation: It is a bannable offense for a player to impersonate or speak in a matter that intends to make others believe they are a BMG employee unless of course, they are one. If a player is acting and speaking like they are, and it is unclear if they are lying or not, it is advisable that one speaks with a known and confirmed BMG employee to validate the claim.
    • If Blank Media Games detects signs of fraud within the game, not only will the user be banned, there may also be other legal action taken, depending on the severity of the action.
  • Do not alter the property of Blank Media Games: Do not remove, alter, or conceal copyright, trademark, patent, or any proprietary rights notices of BMG.
  • No Viruses or in-game links: It is a bannable offense to post links that contain viruses, or reveal information about the game inside the game through a web link. The general rule of thumb would be to not post any links inside the game period. If a player posts a link, do not follow it. If a player posts a link and claims they are speaking from a position of Blank Media Games authority, then report them. Most likely, they are lying. If they are not lying, then they will not be banned and no harm will have been done.
    • Outside of the game, it is advised to follow this. Logically, this is a common internet sense. Do not follow a link to a place you don't know.
  • No Real Life Information: It is a bannable offense to post identifying information about yourself or another user without their prior consent.
  • Do not exploit the game: Players may not use anything Blank Media Games deems as an exploit of the game to gain an unfair advantage.
    • If there exists an exploit that you think Blank Media Games should know about, then it would be recommended to contact BMG for clarification.
  • No Harassment: No harassing other players; this also can have legal repercussions and in very severe cases can be classified as cyberbullying. (See Reportable Offenses)

Non-Reportable Actions

  • Neutral Alignment: You cannot report a Neutral member for voting the wrong way. If a Survivor votes against the Town and wins with the Mafia, even though they have been siding with the Town, you cannot report them. Winning at all costs is part of the Survivor's goal. While the act may be less than desirable, it is not reportable, unless it breaks another rule.
    • Every role's goal is to play to win. As long as the Neutral roles are attempting to win, they are free to change who they want to align with.
  • Player Moral Ambiguity: "Stupidity" of a player is not reportable. There are occasionally new players, and they may not know how the game works. Alternatively, the Mafia, or any other so inclined player, may be very good at leading them astray. You may not report a player for being "stupid." An example of this is random shooting by a Vigilante.
    • The exception to this rule is if the player seems to be doing the action on purpose, explicitly for the intent to troll. That is a different scenario and is reportable.
    • In a Ranked game, this is highly unlikely, and reporting of said events may be accepted depending on the circumstances.
  • Using External Communication: Players are allowed to play with their friends and use external communications during gameplay, such as using Skype. Simply admitting to playing with friends isn't a valid reason to report a person. If players are found and/or admit to using outside communication to gain information, then they may be reported for cheating and the judges will handle it.
    • Knowing a friend's in-game name is allowed. Some players use the same name and/or cosmetics repeatedly which makes their identity obvious. A player cannot be punished for repeatedly using the same name or cosmetics.
  • Counter Reporting: You may not report someone who has reported you or another player out of spite unless that player has broken a rule. While this may be considered "harassment" by some, it is a fine line to tread so be careful.
  • Random Actions: You may not report a person for "random" actions. This includes random lynching, jailing, executing, shooting and so on. However, this is heavily frowned upon and should not be done under most circumstances.

Reportable Offenses

  • Blatant Disregard of Rules: Although not explicitly stated, you may report someone who vocally admits to having no regard for the rules, and does not care if he/she flouts them.
    • If they have the character to agree to play, and yet do not have the character to follow the rules, then they may be banned.
  • Spam: Spamming is defined as repeatedly saying the same thing in the chat in a row, usually over four or five times. Spam is often easily spotted because the spammed text in question is either annoying or vulgar. Spam is not permitted in lobbies nor during gameplay. Any player found doing so, no matter their role, can be reported. It should be noted, however, that spam during the defense phase (if you are the one on trial) is not reportable.
    • Jesters may not spam in order to get themselves lynched. Jesters, or any other roles, that decide to do this can be reported. This, however, may lead to the players simply muting you and it will backfire. This strategy is very much frowned upon. 
    • Mafia may not spam in the Mafia chat, the same goes for the Coven in the Coven chat for any reason.
    • Town members may not spam in order to get attention. Often times, this has the complete opposite effect of what the Town member expected. Instead of the Town listening to the spammer, it is possible for them to lynch the offender.
  • Profanity: Although Town of Salem has a profanity filter available, it is still a reportable offense if you see one Town member repeatedly swearing over and over.
    • It is debatable exactly how much profanity is too much. If a player is unsure about whether or not the profanity is too much, then it may help them to look at the general attitude of the offender. If they do not seem to be respectful of other players and are disrupting the chat, then there is a good case for a profanity report. If they are swearing every once in a while, but otherwise exhibiting good sportsmanship, then there is less of a case. If there is a good reason they are using profanity, such as being agitated by another player, or another cause, then this is okay and should not be looked into too deeply. 
    • Players are not to bypass the chat filter. Anyone found deliberately trying to bypass the filter may face punishment.
  • Profanity in the Nicknames: Along with in-game chat, do not use any name that is offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable. Players are not allowed to attempt bypassing the chat filter.
  • Harassment: Harassment can be summarized legally as "a pattern of repeated offensive behavior that appears to a reasonable observer to intentionally target a specific person or persons." (Wikipedia, November 18, 2016) Players often insult other players in the span of a game, but the degree of insults and the person under fire are the determining aspects of harassment. This is a reportable offense on a player or group of players.
    • If a player is repeatedly insulting and degrading another player or a group of people, then that can count as harassment. Racism and offensive language can also be harassment, although the situation it is used can vary.
  • Game throwing: Several different definitions exist on the topic of game throwing. More often than not, the context of this rule violation relates to intentional game throwing. If a player intentionally reveals information that causes their alignment to lose a game, and if there is evidence that the player did it with malicious intent, then that is game throwing.
    • General acts of Gamethrowing
      • Leaving the game or going AFK unless your chance of winning is 0%. This means that you are the last Townie alive (without a possibility of an unrevealed Amnesiac or Retributionist that hasn't used their ability), or are already dead. If this is the case, it is permissible to leave. In fact, when a confirmed Mafia member or other evil is about to be lynched, they will often say "You'll never take me alive!" and leave as a joke. This is fine. There is a punishment for leaving the game early, as you will not be able to join another game for 5 minutes. 
      • Going against your alignment or your role and killing/lynching/working with others to secure their win, rather than yours. However, if you are alone in your cause, it is more acceptable - but not recommended. This should not be confused with a Neutral siding with a different faction or side rather than another, as it is their choice as to whom they want to support.
        • Not acting at all is usually not a sign of game throwing. Exceptions exist, and if a player is not sure about a specific incident, they are advised to file a report and explain their reasoning in the details section.
        • Players are not to go against their current goal in hopes of being converted into a Vampire.
    • Town related game throwing: Specific to roles, it is possible for a Town member to use a role to throw a game. If a Vigilante shoots a revealed Mayor, that is game throwing, unless if they were controlled by a Witch. Game throwing also relates to a Town member actively and consciously working against the Town. A Jailor executing a revealed Mayor on the basis of "He was annoying", is game throwing.
    • Mafia related game throwing: Mafia may not sell out another member of their team with the intent of making sure the Mafia lose. It is possible for a Mafia member to lynch another Mafia member to try and remove suspicions, but this is rare.
      • Mafia may mislead Town members in their wills and when they are dead. However, revealing other members of the Mafia is considered game throwing if the information is true.
    • Neutral related game throwing: Neutral roles are less obvious, as it is sometimes in their win condition to go against other roles. Neutrals usually have had no obligation to aide either side. Whatever roles or fairly obtained information revealed by a Survivor to swing the game a certain direction, is not necessarily throwing the game. Often times, Neutral roles are the roles who decide which direction the game will end. For example, in a Ranked or Ranked Practice game, a Witch does not always have to side with the Mafia, although this usually happens. They may choose to support the Neutral Killing instead. 
      • Similar to Mafia, it is acceptable for a Neutral Killing role to sell out others with the same role, as long as this is done for the purpose of removing suspicion from themselves. It is also not game throwing if the player is not aware that the other has the same role.
      • Neutral Killers, under certain circumstances, may work with the Town with the intention of backstabbing them later on. For example, if a Serial Killer is jailed Night 1, there is little chance they will not be lynched. As such, striking a deal to help the Town in exchange for your life is acceptable.
      • No Vampires can reveal other Vampires that are still alive.
      • Since Witches cannot win when they are dead, it is acceptable to out the Neutral Killing or the Godfather/Mafioso when they are about to be lynched, or in their Last Will.
        • However, Witches must win with someone other than the Town - as such, helping them until the end is considered game throwing and is reportable.
  • Illegal use of Chat: It is a reportable offense to directly or indirectly share gameplay information with other players in your current game using any other medium besides the game itself.
    • These mediums include but are not limited to chats, VoIP and forums on webpages, external programs such as Skype, other games or even talking directly to someone near you.
    • Gameplay information includes but is not limited to your role, your visits, what happened to you at night, and the content of whispers or Mafia/Jailor/Graveyard chat.
    • Examples: Mafia in a Skype call may not reveal to other Mafia in the call what they have found. Town members may not use a Skype call at night to direct other members, as this is taking advantage of something the Town is not supposed to use. A Townie working through a Skype call to kill the Mafia is cheating.
    • Some YouTubers or Twitch streamers might use Skype or other means of group call to film for their channels. As long as their call isn't giving them an advantage over the rest of the players, this is okay.
      • If all players in a match enter together in a private party and if all players are in agreement to allow some external sharing of information, this is okay. An example would be the match played by famous YouTuber, Markiplier, which involved a party of 15 who were all aware of what was going on.
  • Over-emphasis on out-of-context Role Playing: Although role-playing is not reportable, it can be an issue when players begin to roleplay over the game rules. If players decide to continue role-playing and knowingly break the rules in the "spirit of having fun", then that is not acceptable. Common sense should be used in roleplay, and acting is not an excuse to break the rules "in the name of fun."
  • Falsifying Reports: It is a bannable offense to spam reports on players or to consistently and obviously falsify reports. This can only be determined by moderators who read reports, and they are often-times not contestable. Players may not report others for claiming to have filed a false report.
  • Multiple Accounts: Players may not use more than one account during a game.
  • Sending Links: Players are to not share links in the lobby or in the game. If a player is found doing so, they may be reported under "Harassment". It is, however, acceptable to link to BlankMediaGames' web-page, along with the Town of Salem Wiki.
    • If a player is found sending screenshots relating to the game, whether real or not, they may be reported for "Cheating".
  • Speaking Other Languages: If a player is found constantly speaking a language other than English, they may be reported for "Cheating". Players are to speak the language spoken in the specified servers. Please note that small phrases such as, "hola Townies", "bonjour", etc are fine. The issue concerns when players speak in other languages to transmit information other players don't understand.
  • (Note, in Patch a Turkish queue was added for Turkish players.)

How to Report a Player

When reporting, it is imperative that several conditions are met.

  • 1) Action: Is the action clearly violating a rule of the game?
  • 2) Degree of Violation: Is it an accident, or is it intentional and obvious?
  • 3) Player: In the context of the offender's role, is his or her action considered game throwing against his or her alignment?
    • Note that some actions may not be game throwing. If a player is attempting to lynch a Mayor, they may be a Jester or any other role that opposes the Town.

In-Game Reports

Report Player Details
If a player feels someone may be breaking the rules, he or she may report a couple of ways. During gameplay, a player may select the icon near the top of the screen that has an exclamation mark.

From this point, a menu will pop up. The player may select a person to report and choose which offense they have committed. Reasons for reporting include: Hate Speech/Harassment, Impersonating BMG Employee, Cheating, Inappropriate Username, Gamethrowing (which includes intentionally leaving the game), and Spamming. In the "Details" section, it is highly recommended to describe what happened and to mention where the rule was broken. Example:
"Day 4 listed members of mafia teammates"

End Game Lobby Reports

Upon reaching the end game lobby, a list of all players and their roles will be shown. By clicking on a name and selecting "Report", that person will be reported.

Suspensions and Bans

Should a player be found guilty of breaking one or more rules, they may expect to be punished.

Offense Punishment
First Offense 1 Day Suspension
Second Offense 3 Day Suspension
Third Offense 7 Day Suspension
Fourth Offense Ban

Serious offenses such as saying racist remarks may result in a ban rather than a suspension.

How to See Why an Account is Suspended or Banned

TrialBot See All Reports

TrialBot example

A user may log into the forums using the same username and password which they use for the game. The user may then send TrialBot a private message. The bot will usually respond in under five minutes with the user's reports. The report listed at the top of the bot's message is the most recent report made on the user's account.

Place "All" in the body of the message to see all reports filed against you. The "Subject" (the title of the message) does not matter.


What if an account doesn't appear to have any new guilty reports?

Your account might be suspended or banned for a reason which was not generated in a report.

  • While playing, did you witness yellow text which stated, "Message rejected for vulgarity"? If the chat filter detects a player has been trying to evade the hard filter multiple times in their Last Will, Death Note, or in the chat itself, the system will automatically remove the player from the game. To the player, it will appear that their game had frozen while to other players, it would state that a "Moderator has suspended" that user.
  • Did you give out a referral code to allow an account to try the game? As stated by the pop-up message which appears prior to being granted codes to give out, "YOUR ACCOUNT MAY BE SUSPENDED IF A REFERRED USER IS BANNED DURING THEIR TRIAL PERIOD".
  • An administrator may have directly suspended or banned your account. This may be for a few reasons:
  1. Your account was found breaking the basic rules such as "no cheating" or "no game throwing" by an administrator.
  2. Your account was requested to be closed by the email it is connected to.
  3. Your account was found abusing an exploit. For example, purchasing something using real currency and then refunding it while keeping the rewards from the game is not allowed and will result in a ban.

If none of the above applies to you, you may post in the Appeals section of the forums using the same username and password which you use for the game. Alternatively, you may email BlankMediaGames directly at

How to Appeal a Suspension or Ban

If a person receives a suspension or a ban, they may appeal in the forums using the same account which they use to log into the game. Before appealing, the player is strongly advised to read the stickied thread titled, "Information Regarding Appealing a Ban".

Trial System

The Trial System is a system that allows the community to view and deal with reports. It is currently in open beta and players who have played 151 or more games may participate.

Players may log into the forums check out many games they have played at:

More information may be found in the "Trial System Feedback/Discussion" section of the forum. Please note that players must be logged into the forums to access this section. To log in, players use the same username and password which they use for the Town of Salem game.

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