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Note: Anyone may edit this page and add their own setup. You do not have to put it in the comments - you can just directly edit it into the page.

Custom Setups are a fun way the Host can set up a Custom game. Below is a list of some setups people have made. If you know any other fun setups feel free to add them to this list below.

If you do not like the setups below, a good way to think of a great setup is to center it around one role, like the Serial Killer. How to center it around the role is easy, just think of ways it could be countered (Sheriff, Investigator, Escort, Jailor.) Then put roles which help the Serial Killers (Neutral Evil, etc.). Thus you have made a great setup which many will enjoy as all the roles will surely be useful.

Please try the setup first to see if it is possible, or lasts at least three nights (Unique roles are unique, maximum of 15 players, minimum 7, no more than 4 Mafia, no more than 4 Coven, no more than 4 Vampires, and at least 2 opposing factions).

As of Version 1.5.10, it is no longer possible to have more than 6 of one slot in Custom Mode/Rapid Mode.


For games with only 1 faction (Neutrals only) or more than 2 factions taking the centre stage (Town vs Mafia vs Coven).

Battle for Salem (by Jeremy456)

Juggernaut vs Pestilence (By LM93) (Edits by Bombzilla303)

Since the Juggernaut cannot be directly added in, this takes a bit of luck. Encourage players to arm themselves with any Juggernaut scrolls they may possess before entering the lobby.

Contain, Control, Defeat (by OneHundred%Townie)

All Unique (By LM93)

Sponserved (popularized by TwoPercentSkimm)

If you want to ramp up the game and avoid having a Neutral Chaos slot being taken by the less deadly Pirate, replace the 2 Neutral Chaos slots with 1 Plaguebearer and 1 Vampire. You could also replace the Neutral Evil slot with a Neutral Killing slot.

If you want to turn this into a variant of Amne's revenge, replace the 5 Random Town with 5 Amnesiacs. (Recommended only to do this if you ‘ramp up’ the game by guaranteeing more warring factions)


- In Sponserved, there are between 5 to 7 warring factions, depending on the outcomes of the Neutral Chaos and Any slots:

- Town Strategy

  • The Town’s main advantages are their numerical superiority compared to other factions and the fact that their multiple warring enemy factions will be more focused on eliminating the threats of each other.
  • However, the fact that the Town is still outnumbered by their combined enemies may end up getting Townies lynched. Loud Town claims are also very likely to get killed by one of their many enemies.
  • The Town should try and make friends with whoever possible. The Guardian Angel can be especially helpful if their target is a Townie, and the Any slot may provide an extra Townie, or potentially friendly Guardian Angel, Survivor, or Amnesiac. Make sure to whisper to Survivors and Amnesiacs to side and vote with Town, and if possible, for Amnesiacs to remember a Town role.
  • Jesters, Executioners, and Pirates may also be potential friends of the Town. The Town may not want to lynch the Executioner target, but if the target dies in another way, the new Jester may be a powerful ally, and the Town could use them to kill off enemies in the night. Original Jesters also serve this purpose, and Pirates can be used to roleblock and even kill enemies of the Town. Beware, however, for these 3 roles could also be enemies of the Town: Executioners}} can get a precious Townie lynched, Jesters can waste a lynch on themselves and even kill a Townie, and Pirates can roleblock and kill Town members.
  • Town Protectives may want to identify each other and stick together; protecting each other in a chain may help keep multiple Townies alive, increasing their chances of winning in the late game.
  • In the early game, asking for TP/LO as an important role may be a viable strategy. However, as the Town members dwindle in number, there is a lower chance of there being remaining Lookouts and Town Protectives. Evil roles will realize this, and your chances of dying to your numerous enemies skyrockets. It is best to remain quiet in the late game.
  • Dealing with the Mafia: The Mafia are your main enemies in the beginning, as they are the only faction who can consistently kill at the start of the game, Vampires aside. Every other faction will also wish to deal with the Mafia as well, as the Mafia are a numerical threat to the Neutral Killing roles and Plaguebearer/Pestilence, as well as a physical threat to the Town, Coven, and Vampires. Targeting and eliminating the Mafia early can slow down the killing to a manageable rate, and help keep your potential allies alive.

- Mafia Strategy

The Destruction of Salem (by EliRedPikachu)

Hospital of Horrors (by Amir999990)

Investigative Madness (by ImPaulPCG)

Alternatively replace 6 Town Investigative with 3 Sheriff and 3 Investigator for more chaos.

Town vs Mafia

Streets of Salem (by Tom G)

Hypnotized? (by NoCarbonRequired)

The fourth mafia slot could be one of three roles

AH Akatsuki except ToS by Naruto

Well, you'd have to make the first Vigi have one Rampage attack, the second Vigi have an OP targeting system, the Doctor do a Powerful attack to an evil instead of healing, the Crusader attack everyone who visits his target and have an auto-vest, the Escort control her target, the Tracker also be a Lookout, the Veteran auto-alert when it attacks, and... the Jailor and Tsunade are almost exactly the same.

But you have to make the Godfather have a lot more OP stuuff I can't even describe, the Consigliere attack Neutrals, the Ambusher kill a ridiculous amount of people, the Janitor have a self-destruct that Rampages someone and alerts, the SK Astral, the WW the ability to attack more nights, and the Plaguebearer a completely different mechanic that does basically the same thing.

Hypno Party, (Mr alexis 123)

Not For Noobs (By WaterLemon)

Note, this originally had two Town Supports; since that would make 16, one was removed. ​​

Unbalanced Chaos (by RandomSlime)

Made it so vigs can kill more stuff by putting in 2 NEs.

Stalkers (By Amir999990)

Beware of the Bearer (by alpal41202)

Can't touch this (by Nikey368)

Lockdown (by Nikey368)

  • 1 Jailor (to represent cops)
  • 1 Veteran (to represent paranoia)
  • 2 Tracker (to represent the government trying to make sure people are staying home)
  • 3 Doctors (to represent healthcare workers)
  • 1 Trapper (make sure nobody will be visiting anytime soon)
  • 1 Mayor (to represent politicians)
  • 1 Godfather (to represent criminals)
  • 2 Janitor (disinfection everywhere!)
  • 1 Survivor (to represent people who just want to survive)
  • 1 Serial Killer (to represent a person going crazy over lockdown)
  • 1 Plaguebearer (do I need to explain?)

Town vs Coven

I'm your Guardian Angel by Jakimax

The Hunger Games (By BadHippo AKA Talia)

Witch Trials by GordianGames19

Murder Mystery: Coven Edition by ImKurama

Vampire Chaos by Super Flyingt36

Variation: Replace CL with GF, RC with RM, and PB with Exe

Coven Versus Town Balanced (By FearlessCavalry)

Fraudulent Psychic


Wrong Way? (by SilverStar2003)

Vampire Chaos (by Silver)

Classic Salem Trials (by Silver)

Alignments (by Silver)

Who's The Bigger Threat? (by BrokenDoor(

Balanced Gamemode 2 (by SilverStar2003)

Salem Hospital (by Amir999990)

Fear the Plague! (by Thundermaker300)

All brand new (By Chris Belair)

Great Chaos (by SilverStar2003)

Delayed Doom (by Chris Belair)


Infection (by Chris Belair)

Murder Party (by SilverStar2003)

Unstoppables (by Chris Belair)

Variation with more town

The Lord of the Flies (By AncientGuidance)

Juggernaut Achievements (by TheIstanbuLLu)

Gravity Falls (by DoofusAF)

Variations: Replace Random Neutral with Random Coven; replace Neutral Benign with Town Support

Pest or Jest (By Chris Belair)

Those last 3 have the same Investigator result!

Variation 1
Variation 2

^^^ all same Investigator result

Ladies of the night (by Chris Belair)

Coven Controlled Chaos (by Diesel0307)

Note: If this seems like too much killing, make the Any a Random Town.

HMMM i wonder who has the plauge (by Anon 2606)

Chaos Royale (by Silver)

Hell on Salemvile (by Tom G)

Vamps and Coven swap (by NotJ)

Town vs Neutrals

National Defense By ImKurama


Everyone needs to DIE (by A Rather Cool Username)

Judgement day (By Chris Belair)

Scream (by Silver)

100 DEADS A DAY?! (by Silver)

Die for nothing Jojo! (By Chris Belair)

Change now! (By: Chris Belair)

If Guardian Angel and/or Vampire Hunter are found/change to be non unique roles then add one more of them and take out 1 Executioner.

Murder Mystery By: ThatKingMelon

It's OK to be gray (By Chris Belair)

Jugg = Holy Grail (By TehLonelyNinja)

Note: This setup's main purpose is to get the "An Unstoppable Force meets an Invincible Object" achievement. It is named since Juggernaut is rare, and this is hoping to spawn one in to get the achievement. Spy is there for opposing factions requirement. It is recommended to play this with 15 players, because anything less and Juggernaut will be unlikely to spawn. Suggestion: to increase the likelyhood of a Juggernaut, add a Werewolf in addition to 6 Neutral Killings. Since Werewolf is unique, it will not take up a Neutral Killing spot this way.

I'm Sheriff they're a Serial Killer! (By Chris Belair)

Town of Neutral (By Swizard16)

Neutral Chaos (by Chris Belair)

If 6 is ok then this

Looney Bin (By KingofHoundooms)

Variation: Replace Amnesiac with Werewolf.

Fire Stoppers (By BrokenDoor)

Note: If you couldn't tell already, it's all roles that can kill arsonists, versus arsonists with no way of communication so arsonist kills on arsonists are highly likely. Two bodyguards to make bodyguard claims more dangerous.

Coven vs Mafia

Mini Maf vs. Coven by Shanka DaWanka

Evil Free-For-All by Shanka DaWanka

The Second Horseman (by GordianGames19)

The name refers to War, the second horseman of the apocalypse. Ironically, Plaguebearer (Pestilence) was purposely left out of the list.

You must survive (by Thundermaker300)


Mafia Versus Coven by: ThatKingMelon

Coven, Maf & Neutrals (by RandomSlime)

Factions Mayhem (by Tom G)

Mediums For Hire (by VGVideo)

Coven vs Neutrals

Die if you hang the wrong! (by SilverStar2003)

As a variation, remove 3 Executioners or Jesters and add a Medusa, a Jailor, and a Veteran.

1 VS ALL (by Tom G)

Mafia vs Neutrals


Soon after salem was regained by the town, the witches decided that they don't need to be alive to gain their revenge. They used the spell of the full moon to wash away all living deities that could overpower them. As the winds were made, the witches sacrificed, and a inescapable fate reaching salem. The day that that happened, salem turned into hell. Everyone now wants to die...


and voting guilty/abstaining on anybody will make it so they can kill you, so don't vote on anybody -Jester

  • This means, that if no one votes, Jesters cannot be lynched. Eventually, the game will whittle down to just the Serial Killer and Godfather. winning for the Serial Killer is easy, you just need to kill everyone but the Godfather at night, or lynch a Jester to haunt the Godfather however, since no other person but you will try to lynch them, you will not get a lynch. therefore, this game is unpredictable- but little people will actually win it, as you can see in it's name

Juggernaut Is Rare (By RandomSlime)

Are you sure? (By Poe688)


Coven Rainbow -sakura

Rainbow Version 1 (by SilverStar2003)

Rainbow Version 2 (by SilverStar2003)

Coven Rainbow (by Amir999990)

Does this even need a title? (by DanTheManTheDan)

One Rainbow (By Poe688)


Town of Revolution by ImKurama

Error 404: Roles not found (By ShadedEel) 

Variations: Replacing Pirate with Plaguebearer or replacing Guardian Angel with Jester

Battle of the Factions (by Saxtremegaming)

I’m also going to suggest this to be a gamemode

Death to the players (by Awesomejosh12345)



  • None yet

You must survive (by Thundermaker300)


Deception Dive by Nixonix

Variation for Non-Coven: Replace Hex Master with Random Town

Bring On The Death! by Shanka DaWanka


Replace the Neutral Killings with Plaguebearer and Pirate.

Hello, Neighbor by ImKurama


You've Been Trapped by Shanka DaWanka

There can only be 1 winner (by: SilverStar2003)

A Game Of Deception, Politics, And Arson, Coven Edition (By BrokenDoor)

Know thy enemy (Chris Belair)

All the colors! (Chris Belair)

Balanced Gamemode (by SilverStar2003)


What result is real? (by SilverStar2003)

Which Side Will Win? (by Thundermaker300)


Win for yourself (by Thundermaker300)


Im new. You're old. Get rekt. (by EnderGame301)

Variations / Reason for title

Greetings, Newcomers (By Shanka DaWanka)

A lil' bit of everything (by Thundermaker300)


Surprise! (by Thundermaker300)

ALL Neutral (by Chris Belair)

6 Neutral Killings makes it likely to get a Juggernaut in your game

Suggestion: to increase the likelyhood of a Juggernaut, add a Werewolf in addition to 6 Neutral Killings. Since Werewolf is unique, it will not take up a Neutral Killing spot this way.

Town of Magic/Spellcasters (by Amir999990)

Neutral Killing and evil are for a chance to get a Juggernaut

Random Galore (By Amir999990)

Unique Chaos (By Amir999990)

King of the Hill (by TehLonelyNinja)

(Variations: Replace Coven with a Jailor, or replace Amnesiacs or Survivors with more Mafia, Coven, or Vampires)

Gang War (By TehLonelyNinja)

Variations: Replace the Random Town/Any with a Vampire for to allow another "Gang" to partake in the war. Or, for faster killing, replace Hex Master with a Potion Master or add in Neutral Killing/Pirate instead of Random Town/Any. For slower killing time, replace Ambusher with Random Mafia or replace Poisoner with Necromancer.

Pestilence Achievements (By Chris Belair)

4 Faction War (By Swizard16)

Note: For a Town VS Mafia VS Coven VS Vampire(Most Factional Neutral)

Hiding the Truth (by Amir999990)

It's depend on ANY role (By Swizard16)

Forbidden Stalkers (by Silver)

Turf Wars (by Amir999990)

Another variant:Replace the 2 Vampires with a Psychic and Veteran respectively.

Chance of Jugg (by alpal41202)

"Who is dead?" (by Chris Belair)

Visit wrong you die! (by Chris Belair)

"This is Minecraft" by A Fandom User

The whole point of this is that the order of the first letters of each role make the text "THIS IS MINECRAFT." That is why there are 3 Investigators, and not all in one line. The reason why this is in Coven is because otherwise there would be no roles for H and N.

Mind Games (By Amir999990)

Second variant:Replace Medusa with a Necromancer,Psychic with a Transporter and an Amnesiac or Executioner with a Jester

The War of Salem (by Shilster)

This list focuses on faction wars more than anything. Every player must do the best for their faction.

Second variant:

Only a 3-faction game.

Gangland (By KingofHoundooms)

Chaotic Town by Moodloo

The Very Bottom and their Rivals (by TheRetroPioneer)

Forced Alliances (By CrazyCow47)

This role list intentionally drains the major factions of members they'd usually have, forcing them to ally with the pool of neutrals in the middle. This causes fierce competition for the neutrals, and some are of higher value than others in certain cases. For example, the pirate is an extra kill, but the survivor will do well as an extra vote.

Notes - Consigliere is for more powerful mafia, Serial Killer is for less chaos, and Amnesiac is for a role that cannot go back on decision.

No one can hear you scream (By TheMonoOne)

This role list causes 3 people to be blackmailed, which, obviously, corresponds to the fact that No one can hear you scream. Vampires are there for a secret plague as is the Plaguebearer and no one can hear evidence (Apart from VH.) Lastly, Medusa and Hex Master are there because no one knows who Stoned people were and Hex Master is extremely secretive.

Coven Ranked 2.0 (CrazyCow47)

Notes - EXTREMELY Similar to "Balanced Gamemode" & "Balanced Gamemode 2.0". This was not intentional...

So I am Confusion (by RandomSlime)

Mafia versus Vampires versus Coven versus Neutrals/town?

Version one

Version Two(with town)

Blood Soaked Moon (CrazyCow47)

Coven Alphabet by DoofusAF

Variations: Replace Jester with Neutral Evil for more randomness.

This Is Not Balanced At All by: MaxWilderD

Quintuplets by BrightNSunnyKeepsOnForgettingHisPasswordsGoodLord