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The Townie of the Month award, created by BobbytheBlobby, was an award given to a user each month chosen by the community. This was a title where a certain user who worked the hardest on the wiki during each month, determined by staff, (previously users), had the chance to win the award and be formally recognized by the team and the wiki. Prior to the Unified Community Platform merge, the winner would have received a flair to show off proudly to other users and could modify it any way they wanted.

Townie of the Month was discontinued in March 2020 due to complications involving wiki activity, staff management, staff activeness, and general motivation. However, it lasted 4 strong years and many people were able to rise up and receive the award. Thank you all for making Townie of the Month such an amazing accomplishment!

Townie of the Month 1.png

How long did this process last?

A winner was chosen at the start of every new month. Users could run any limited amount of times and could start again after the current month ends.

Previous Winners of the Award

Session Username
June 2016 Rexanator3000
July 2016 360NOSCOPESWEG (Jim Holden)
August 2016 Vertroyer
September 2016 Squirtlesmind
October 2016 Venera651
November 2016 Playful Trickster 101
December 2016 FirePyre
January 2017 ChickenPieNuggetz
February 2017 GhostyFlareEruption
March 2017 DesertStorm11
April 2017 Sondz1911
May 2017 SpicyJusticeLass
June 2017 Chengsha
July 2017 ShadowxCookie
August 2017 RubikJohn
September 2017 Jmskilz
October 2017 Jallybwan
November 2017 ProfessorArceus
December 2017


January 2018 No Winner Decided
February 2018 Thatsmuggamer
March 2018 NoCarbonRequired
April 2018 SpacedefenderX
May 2018 TownofSalemMurders
June 2018 MewSeeko
July 2018 JamJamalWiki
August 2018 RubikJohn
September 2018 Lazuli-Heart
October 2018 Betimawesome
November 2018 SCl007
December 2018 Faraday242
January 2019 Gob47
February 2019 Slugkitty
March 2019 Rasengan66
April 2019 TheInterestedDoge
May 2019 OnlyShots
June 2019 MewSeeko
July 2019 RedDeathNick
August 2019 Duwiiton
September 2019 Quaccanthrope
October 2019 Bovajan
November 2019 No Winner Decided
December 2019 Quaccanthrope
January 2020 No Race Held
February 2020 No Winner Decided