Town of Salem Wiki

Welcome to the Town of Salem Wiki, Townie! A wiki is a website where everyone contributes as a community. Wikis are made specifically so others can contribute as a group to grow their community. However, while there will always be good Townies, there will always be evildoers around, like the Mafia or Coven, and you don't want to be a part of those groups. They’re the bad folks around here, and we have to expose and lynch them in order to expel them permanently from our town!

The following are the current rules of the Town of Salem wiki, and for added convenience, it's posted next to the Town’s gallows! They are subject to change with (or without) notice, so be sure to come back often to make sure you're up to date with the happenings in town!

  • Vandalism, vulgar language, creating irrelevant pages or 'editing for clout' is prohibited. Offending Townies will be banned and the edits reverted. No amount of Reddit or other social media clout is worth the trouble. Pages are left unlocked so that community members may help build the wiki up, not so you can make a minor edit to try to be edgy.
  • This Wiki is not your personal 'edit war' battleground! If you find your edits being reverted or changed by a fellow Townie, rather than fighting or undoing the edits constantly, you should message a Moderator to help find some middle-ground! Let's work together to make this community great!
  • Do not bring your FANDOM, In-game, Forum, or other baggage here. If you've been banned off other FANDOM wikis, banned from the game or forum, or have other behavioral problems, chances are you will also find yourself banned here. If you can behave, you're welcome to be a part of our community regardless your past. If not, you'll be chased out of town once you start acting against the best interest of the Town!
  • Do not remove the 'lore stories' from the role pages. These were selected from a contest we held a while back. If you're found to be editing these in any way (other than a missed spelling or grammar error) you might find yourself restricted from contributing to the Town for a bit, and your changes undone.
  • Do not post referral codes. This will get your post removed for your safety, as someone can use your referral code to get you banned. This also applies to people asking for referral codes, your posts will get removed. If it becomes a problem, bans will be issued.
  • Neutrality should be used in edits. Make sure you save your personal opinions for your Blog, User Wall, or the Discussions area. Only write about the facts and from a neutral viewpoint. Avoid "I" and other self-identifiable wording in the wiki pages. Stay in second-or-third person!
  • Rules located in other areas, such as the Discussions area, are to be followed as well, and vise-versa.
  • If it's a rule in Town of Salem, it's applicable here too. (i.e: Nothing illegal, torrents, bots, advertising, spamming, posting exploits or harmful/exposing links, etc.)
  • All of FANDOM's Terms of Service and guidelines are in effect. These essentially include the following and will result in an immediate ban, in some cases for your own safety;
    • No racist content
    • No gore content
    • No pornography content
    • No one under 13 is allowed to have an account, period
    • Abusing, harassing, or threatening other Townies
    • Impersonation of Wiki or FANDOM staff
    • Posting (doxxing) personal information of another user (or yourself)
    • Posting copyrighted material and violating applicable copyright laws
  • Alternate accounts may not be used to evade a ban. If you are chased out of town, do not come back with a sockpuppet or other account. You will just be banned again and your primary account may be suspended longer.

If you have any questions, simply ask a Moderator and they can address it. Happy hangings!