A master engineer. It was his dream for years, he always wanted to be known for building great machinery. He had decided to start small, as building simple hunting traps. However, just after seven days of selling hunting traps, he was employed by the Towns very own Mayor to defend against recent claims of a Coven about. He was recognized for his skill in building traps and was asked to build protective machines, and he has come up with the perfect trap for the job. A good friend of his is familiar with brewing revealing potions, which gave him an idea.

He grabbed a bunch of reveal potions, spare metal, and wood, and starts to bend the materials into the masterpiece he was going to build. The trap being stepped on will use a simple lever mechanism underneath the boards of the home, which will press another mechanism which will force the potion out. The rest was simple, put a bear trap on it. Once they step on it, a gun given to the trapped will be able to shoot them dead. He looked at his creation and smiled. The Mayor has asked for it be set up for him at his home, that's easy enough for the Master Trapper.

After setting up the masterpiece he had created, he left the home of the Mayor and- he got shot as he went through the door. Ambushed, he was shot in his arm, he must have been taller than the Ambusher expected. The Trapper collapsed onto the floor. The Ambusher walked up to him slowly, and strangely enough, the Trapper smiled, and got back up quickly and ran back inside.

The Ambusher, confused from his sudden ecstasy, chased inside after him, and got trapped! The bear trap dug deep into his legs, and the pressure applied to the mechanism below only made it worse. The reveal potion hit his head, breaking into many shards, causing him to scream in pain.

The Ambusher dropped his gun from the pain, and then it was the Trapper's turn to take aim.

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Mechanics Edit

  • At night, you will build a trap that you can place. The next night, you can choose someone to place your trap on. You can also select yourself, once you have placed a trap, to take it down. Taking a trap down and rebuilding it will occur on the same night, so you can continue to place on the next night. 
  • If anyone visits your target, the trap is triggered and reveals all roles (not names) of people that visited your target.
  • If your target is attacked, your trap will deal a Powerful attack to one attacker visiting them (including Vigilantes and Vampire Hunters), and will grant your target Powerful defense against one attack.
  • You may only have one trap out on a player at a time; you cannot build more than one trap.
  • If you are roleblocked on the night you build your trap, you will not build your trap that night. You will have to wait one extra night to place it.
  • If you are converted into a Vampire with a trap on a target, that trap will be removed.
  • If you are dueled by a Pirate and you have a trap ready to place, you will still be able to place that trap. This is a known bug.

Strategies Edit

  • You must wait a night to build a trap to use. Therefore, strategize to be able to place traps that will be effective once they are built.
  • Two Trappers setting traps at each other's houses gives both of them Powerful protection, enabling them to protect each other if they are attacked. The only downside is that they might be destroyed from a normal visitor. As well as this, other important Town roles such as a Jailor or Mayor will not be protected.
  • Unlike most other Townies, you don't always want to keep an accurate Last Will. Your traps can still kill people after you die, so misleading evil roles about where your most recent trap has been placed can sometimes benefit the Town. However, you should still write down the roles of the people who triggered your traps somewhere, in case a Medium asks you for information or a Retributionist revives you.
  • If a non-killing role hits your trap, it will be expended without killing anyone, revealing the roles that set it off in the process. This has a number of applications:
    • You can distinguish between Escort and Consort claims; all it takes is one entry in their will that hit one of your traps, and you'll know who they are.
    • You can precisely identify people's roles in conjunction with a Lookout or Tracker.
    • You can determine what roles are present, narrowing down the list of possible claims. This is of great benefit to the Town.
    • This is especially useful in All Any, as you can easily identify silent killers such as an Arsonist, a Hex Master, and the Plaguebearer, which would normally take the town quite a while to find without the help of an Investigator.
  • If an important Townie is confirmed, you should not trap them if there are other Town Protective roles alive, as it may be triggered by a Bodyguard or Crusader and will be wasted. If you are relatively certain that you are the only Town Protective, you should trap them.
  • Ideally, you should try to trap important townies (like a confirmed Sheriff) who you think won't be protected by another Town Protective, as the Mafia or any other killing role might try to attack them, having come to the same conclusion as you. This will work best if the Jailor and/or Mayor has revealed themselves, as most, if not all Town Protectives will be on them (Note: keep in mind that the Doctor cannot heal a revealed Mayor, so they will most likely move on to other targets as well). Be careful of Crusaders though, as they will usually refrain from protecting either of these as well since they might kill another Town Protective by accident if they do so.


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