RoleIcon Necromancer Circled.png This mechanic has been removed from the game, and it is currently unknown if said mechanic will return to the game.

The Tutorial Guide - Serial Killer

The tutorial was a guide that helped a new player in playing Town of Salem. It was released in Version 1.3.0.

What you learn in the tutorial[edit | edit source]

  • How to select/choose an in-game name and an introduction to the role wheel and how it works
  • The different phases of in-game (Day, discussion, voting, trial, and Night)
  • How to use the customization settings (changing your avatar, pet, scroll, house, and death animation)
  • How to spend Town Points

    The Serial Killer's knife. (This is located in Town of Salem's Steam folder; possibly unused)

  • How to choose and play a game mode

Other minor things to learn[edit | edit source]

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

If you are new to the game, your guide will greet you and introduce himself as a Serial Killer. In the mandatory tutorial, you will be playing with eight NPCs, plus yourself. When you get to the role wheel, your role will be Serial Killer. Each NPC will be called Player with a number after it, with numbers two to nine, in words (eg. Player Two).

The role set-up[edit | edit source]

Everyone (except you, if you have a different house) has the Cottage house. \

Role Name Last Will Death Note Avatar
Sheriff Player Five I got duped by the Serial Killer.


N/A JohnProctor.png
Medium Player Two I was the Medium, able to communicate with the dead. N/A GilesCorey.png
Mayor Player Three I was the Mayor, able to reveal myself and wield unsurpassed voting power. N/A MaryWarren.png
Jailor Player Four The person I jailed claims he's the Doctor. I believe him. N/A AbigailWilliams.png
Serial Killer (your name) (your Last Will) (your Death Note) (your avatar)
Mafioso Player Nine The Mafia will avenge me! None Minx.png
Godfather Player Eight I am the Godfather, the grand leader of the Mafia. I am coming for you, Player Six. MegTurney.png
Doctor Player Six I just wanted to heal people! N/A BettyParris.png
Bodyguard Player Seven I am the BodyGuard, protector of the Town. N/A Entoan.png

The game events set-up[edit | edit source]

All the roles in the role wheel will have a chance of 11% and lots 10/90 (x1).

  • N1: The guide will tell you to kill Player 2 (Medium)
  • D2: Medium dies to you, and Mayor (Player 3) dies to a member of the Mafia. Player 4 will claim Sheriff and try to get the Mafioso lynched. Another player agrees with him. The guide makes you vote him up and vote guilty on him.
  • N2: The Jailor jails you that Night, and asks you for your role. The guide tells you to claim Doctor to avoid being executed and allowing you to kill the Jailor. In this part, you type, "I am the doctor." After typing that, the Jailor says he believes you, following with his death.
  • D3: The Jailor dies to you, and the Bodyguard kills the Godfather in a duel, also making the Bodyguard die, leaving the Sheriff, Doctor, and you.
  • The Sheriff says that they need to find the Serial Killer, and the Doctor claims his role. The guide makes you claim Doctor to the Town, needing to say that same thing as you said to the Jailor. Once you say it, the Sheriff says he does not know who to believe, but stills vote the real Doctor, whilst the real Doctor votes you. The guide makes you vote for the Doctor and lynch him.
  • N4: The guide gets you to kill the Sheriff (the last Townie) and you win the game after that.

Chat Log[edit | edit source]

  • N1
    • Guide: This menu lets you choose a player to target. Target Player Two to kill them.
    • You have decided to kill Player Two tonight.
  • D2 (all voted guilty)
    • Player Two died last night.
    • Player Three died last night.
    • Player Five: I am the Sheriff. I found our Mafioso last night. It's Player Nine!!
    • Player Six: I trust you, let's lynch Player Nine.
    • Guide: This is the Chat Box. You can talk to other players during the game using this. Use it now to convince the Town to lynch Player Nine.
    • You:
    • Player Five has voted against Player Nine.
    • Player Six has voted against Player Nine.
    • Player Four has voted against Player Nine.
    • You have voted against Player Nine.
    • Guide: The other players have agreed to vote up Player Nine, Now you can help decide their fate. Click Guilty to lynch them.
    • Player Six has voted.
    • Player Five has voted.
    • Player Four has voted.
    • You have voted.
  • N2
    • You were hauled off to jail!
    • Jailor: Hi, I've captured you. What is your Role?
    • Guide: The Jailor has jailed you. Tell him, "I am the Doctor" to try to convince (typo) him to spare your life. If he believes you, you will kill him automatically.
    • You: (any message with "doc")
    • Jailor: I believe you.
    • You attacked the Jailor!
  • D3 (all voted guilty)
    • Player Four died last night.
    • Player Eight died last night.
    • Player Seven died last night.
    • Player Five: Hrm.... Need to find the SK....
    • Player Six: I'm the Doctor!
    • Guide: There are only three players left. Continue to claim "I am the Doctor" to survive. If Player Five believes you, then you will lynch the real Doctor.
    • You: (any message with "doc")
    • Player Six has voted against You.
    • Player Five has voted against Player Six
    • Player Five: I don't know who to believe!
    • Guide: He is a bit dubious, but he's voting against Player Six! Vote to hang the real Doctor!
    • You have voted against Player Six.
    • Player Five has voted.
    • Guide: Vote Guilty on Player Six while laughing diabolically! Your skills of deception might just win you this game.
    • You have voted.
  • N3
    • Guide: Player Six is dead, now all that is between you and victory is the life of Player Five. Kill him, and claim the Victory you earned!
    • You have decided to kill Player Five tonight.
  • D4
    • Player Five died last night.
    • Guide: Congratulations! Everyone is dead, and Victory is yours!
    • You have won.

Other[edit | edit source]

The rest of the tutorial shows how to customize yourself and how to spend Town Points. You must buy a scroll with your Town Points, then you equip it, following with the end of the tutorial.

History[edit | edit source]

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