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Unique Roles are roles that are limited to 1 player per game. Usually, there will never be two in one game; the Godfather and Mafioso can be inherited, but even for those, only one of each can be alive at once. Currently, there are 18 Unique Roles.

Most Unique Roles have abilities which would cause gameplay issues if there was more than one player with the same role.

  • For instance, a Jailor jailing another Jailor would cause nonsensical results.

Other Unique Roles have powerful abilities and would upset game balance if there was more than one.

Lastly, some Unique Roles only make practical sense if they are unique.

Amnesiacs can remember any deceased Unique Role of their choosing. This includes unique Town roles.

Unique Roles primarily consist of support and killing roles.

Seeing two unique roles in a game means that one of the following had happened:

  • A Forger has forged that player's role. This can happen multiple times.
  • A member of the Mafia has died after being promoted. This can happen multiple times.
  • An Amnesiac has died after remembering that unique role. This can happen multiple times.

List of Unique Roles[]


Role Name Role Alignment/Category Role Description
RoleIcon Jailor.png
Town Killing

Choose one person to jail each Night. You can choose to execute them, dealing an Unstoppable Attack.

RoleIcon Mayor.png
Town Support Gain 2 votes when you reveal yourself as the Mayor, giving you 3 votes total. Revealing, however causes you to lose the ability to be healed by a Doctor.
RoleIcon Retributionist.png
Town Support Resurrect a dead Townie to use their ability on your target.
RoleIcon Veteran.png
Town Killing Decide if you will go on alert and deal a Powerful attack to all your visitors and gain Basic defense for that Night.


Role Name Role Alignment/Category Role Description
RoleIcon Godfather.png
Mafia Killing Kill someone each Night.
RoleIcon Mafioso.png
Mafia Killing Carry out the Godfather's orders.
RoleIcon Ambusher.png
Mafia Killing

You may choose to lie in wait outside your target's house, dealing a Basic Attack to one visitor. All visitors learn your name.


Role Name Role Alignment/Category Role Description

Coven Exclusive?

RoleIcon Juggernaut.png
Neutral Killing Gets stronger with each kill. yes
RoleIcon PlagueBearer 1.png
Neutral Chaos You may choose to infect a player with the Plague each Night. If all living players (not including you) are infected, you become Pestilence. yes
RoleIcon PlagueBearer 2.png
Neutral Chaos You may choose to rampage at someone's house each Night. You deal a Powerful Attack to anyone who visits you or your target. yes
RoleIcon Pirate.png
Neutral Chaos You may choose to duel a player at Night. yes
RoleIcon Werewolf.png
Neutral Killing Go on a rampage at somebody's house every Full Moon, dealing a Powerful Attack to your target and their visitors. no


All roles in this section are Coven Expansion exclusive.


Role Name Role Alignment/Category Role Description
Coven Leader
RoleIcon CovenLeader.png
Coven Evil Control someone to use their ability on another player.
RoleIcon Necromancer.png
Coven Evil Reanimate a dead player to use their ability on your target.
RoleIcon Medusa.png
Coven Evil Turn all players who visit you to stone, hiding their roles and Last Wills from all players.
RoleIcon Poisoner.png
Coven Evil Poison a player, killing them the next Day.
Hex Master
RoleIcon HexMaster.png
Coven Evil Hex a player at Night. When all non-Coven members are Hexed, deal an Unstoppable Attack to all Hexed players.
Potion Master
RoleIcon PotionMaster.png
Coven Evil Choose to use a potion on a player each Night. Potions have a three Day cooldown. Potions range from healing, revealing, or killing your target.