Ranked Role ListEdit

General ChangesEdit

  • The discussion phase lasts for a total of 55 seconds. The night phase lasts for a total of 45 seconds.
  • Whispering can only occur from the beginning of the discussion phase to the end of the voting phase.
  • Full Moons occur every odd night rather than every even.
  • Death notes are removed from all roles except for the Serial Killer and Jailor.
  • Wills are automatically saved at the end of every night.

Faction ModificationsEdit

  • Town: The Town Commander alignment is added.
  • Mafia: Tactical Mafia is implemented. The Mafia Commander alignment is added.
  • Neutral: ---
  • Coven: The number of nights it takes to inherit the Necronomicon is equal to X-1 where X is equal to the amount of Coven members at the beginning of the game.

Role FinalizationsEdit

  • Town Commander
    • Jailor: Jailing provides a basic defense. A player cannot be jailed consecutively. Executions deal powerful attacks. Only has two executions. Can now be controlled into executing their jailee on the first night.
    • Mayor: Can be healed by Doctors. Can send and receive whispers.
    • Retributionist: ---
  • Town Investigative
  • Town Killing
    • Veteran: Alerting grants a temporary powerful defense and immunity to all effects applied by evildoers.
    • Vigilante: Shooting a Town member results in a loss of remaining bullets. Has a death note similar to the Jailor's.
  • Town Protective
  • Town Support
    • Escort: ---
    • Medium: Can select a dead Town member to view their whispers, notifications, last will, and role. Can no longer read the dead chat.
    • Transporter: ???
  • Mafia Commander
    • Godfather: Can choose to attack the Jailor that jailed them if they are the last living Mafia member. Informed of all roles that visit the Mafia.
  • Mafia Deception
    • Disguiser: ???
    • Forger: Can edit a forged will during the day. Can choose a fake role and will to override a target's true role and will. The target's true role and will are revealed two days after their death.
    • Framer: Now has a second button that can be used to focus a player. The framed player appears to visit the focused player. Will also disguise as the framed player. 
    • Hypnotist: Can choose to clear all notifications from a player instead of adding one.
  • Mafia Support
    • Blackmailer: Blackmailed players are not informed that they are blackmailed; all messages will appear to be successful. Loses the ability to hear private messages.
    • Consigliere: ---
    • Consort: ---
  • Coven Evil
  • Neutral Benign
    • Amnesiac: Remembrance occurs before attacks. Receives a scum autovest. Players are no longer informed what roles are remembered by Amnesiacs.
    • Guardian Angel: ???
    • Survivor (Created by BasicFourLife): Can choose to redirect their visitors to another player at night (consumes a charge). Starts with two charges. Not using the ability results in a gained charge.
  • Neutral Chaos
    • Pirate (Created by joefischerxxx): Choose a player to watch over; if that player is directly attacked, duel the attacker, granting your target a temporary invincible defense to the attacker. If the target is not directly attacked, the player is dealt a basic attack. Wins once two players are dueled (saved).
  • Neutral Evil
    • Executioner: Cannot have a target from the Town Commander alignment. 
    • Jester: Receives a scum autovest. Once lynched, all Town night abilities will fail until the following day; no longer haunts players.
    • Witch: Autovest changed into a scum autovest. Can now only determine factional alignment of targets.
  • Neutral Killing
    • Arsonist (Created by BasicFourLife): Informed of who is doused at the end of the night. Uses douse charges. Gain a douse charge at the beginning of every night. Dousing or incinerating consumes a douse charge. Douses Escorts and Consorts when roleblocked. Immune to being doused. Can choose whether or not to douse the Pirate or Jailor when dueled or jailed.k
    • Juggernaut (Created by BasicFourLife): Your level of power is based on your current tier. You go up a tier when you do not attack and go down a tier when you successfully kill twice. Depending on your tier, you can have immunity to all investigative roles, role block immunity, control immunity, and protective effect piercing.
    • Serial Killer: Can choose whether or not to attack the Pirate or Jailor when dueled or jailed.
    • Werewolf (Created by Parallax7): Receives two killing charges every three nights, starting the game with two charges. Can choose to perform single kills or multi kills. Performing a single kill lets the player devour the target, hiding their role and will, and prevents the player from killing the next night if successful. Performing a multi kill grants temporary role block and control immunity. Has detection immunity on nights where the player is incapable of killing.
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