aka Duwiiton

  • I live in Sol, Milkway Galaxy
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is The Coolest Asian Ever
  • I am crushing on RDN

For A Role Review Put It On My WallEdit

I will answer in 1 - 5 days. If I am on a sudden unannounced hiatus, assume 1 - 3 weeks.

For if you want to create a role:Edit

My Guide To Roles

For if you want to study the art of roles:Edit


My Role Bible. This includes every role I have ever made.

Essays -Edit

Theory Essay #1 - Factions, Aligments

Essay #2 - Overcomplication Of Roles

Essay #3 - The Waiting Game

Essay #4 - Win Conditions

Who is Duwiiton?Edit

Duwiiton. Duwiiton is the Treble Clef with a plan. 

Preferred Pronouns: Treble Clef/Chef

Preferred Titles of Honor:
Treble Clef/Chef

I make roles, I review roles. 


Activity > 7 - 10 (Generally good)

Role Creations > 5 - 8 (Overall stable)

Role Reviews > 2 - 8 (Wildcard)

Temper > 1 - 10 (Wildcard)

Creativity > 4 - 9 (Stable)


Favorite Faction?Edit

Neutrals, they provide the most creative leg-room. Otherwise Coven.

Favorite Role?Edit

Potion Master. I like playing dynamically.

OC Role? (Defining Role)Edit

Abomination/Aristocrat. They have unique mechanics that people seem to like.

Favorite Non-Me Role?Edit

Insomniac (JamJamal, WikiMafia). It's creative and subverts tropes.

Favorite Board?Edit

Role Ideas (Other). I like faction ideas as they have to be complex. It's like reading the final project of students in Role Class.

Least Favorite Board?Edit

Funsies and Randomies. Nothing against it entirely, but it is the basis of a lot of pointless chainposts which sure do annoy me to no end. It's a lot harder to bring attention to anything that's not a chainpost, and most chainposts require no thought to them so they're easy to continue for a long time.

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