Hi there! My name is Clay, also known as Naru2008!

I'm a Bureaucrat here on the Town of Salem wiki, a Moderator for the game's forums, and an Administrator of the game and Trial System. If you have any questions, you are more than free to send me a message, either here on the wiki on my Message Wall, or you can message me on the Forums using the Private Message system.

I am not a Developer for Town of Salem. My thoughts and opinions are those of my own, and do not reflect the view point of BlankMediaGames and it's staff, or the rest of the community staff members, and shall not negatively effect their reputations, respectively. I may be blunt sometimes, but for the most part, I'm a pretty chill guy. Give me a chance, and we'll probably end up being best of friends!

You can also catch me making edits to the Star Fox Wiki (Arwingpedia) at random times, mainly concerning Alpha/Beta elements and the Kiosk versions of Star Fox Adventures, unused content of any of the games, and just general English and grammar corrections throughout the wiki.

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