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  • I am a trap?

Birthday Submissions! pls add

Previous submisssions! Thank you all :^)
FlyFlyz Is on June 17 -

Jamie is sep 13 - congrats you're the first september out of like 40 people gob is dec 9

bet - march 23 - cheers

sax - march 10 - thank youuuu :)

the birthday for the miner known as jdnow is on the 24th of august

ore- may 21

Naruto was born on October 10th but Rasen's birthday is September 17th.

Birthday is 5 days before rubik’s. guess who :D - onlyshots? the list never fails :3


mega ree pls just add more <-- cleared some old ones, and thanks to all of you again

HAH YOU 100% FORGOT MINE LMAO GOTEM rubik it's March 23, don't forget

ocTOBeR tWenTY sEveN -- Slugkitty

egg's birthday is halowen

9th January -Thread Ret

May 19 babey!!! – Addfire

30th September - s u n c a t (bovajan)

nInTeEnTh DeCemBeR oF yOuR mOm - cakey

Just a collection of some of my favourite role ideas/reworks (Make you sure you check the date of the last post before replying): (Deputy, by BendBones) (Sovereign, by S0meguyyoukilled) (Devil, by Nemid) (Researcher, by Nemid) (Fixing Ranked, by BobbytheBlobby)

behold, the seven deadly totm sins [outdated af]:

>im running next month guys/premature nomination

>ill self nominate 

>my tag will be bmer, and itll have eight adjectives dammit sondz

>pls vote/support

>ill do face reveal when I win

>im gonna advertise/spam my thread everywhere

>x person is /getting more support than me, ill never win...

Some info, I guess

2/15/15 - First Joined Wiki

4/10/17 - Joined Wiki Properly     

5/14/17 - 1,000 Edits

8/31/17 - 1st ToTM

8/31/18 - 2nd ToTM

12/11/18 - Moderator Promotion

5/11/19 - Admin Promotion

5/30/19 - 10,000 Edits

10/8/19 - 13K/Passed WikiaBot In Edits

Role by Pokechurin


Role: You are a lawyer that studies content intensely, leaving the mafia after an intense dispute.

As RubikJohn crept around the corner, he quickly studied the noose, knowingly risking his life. After all, he did this every single day, for he was the noose-checker, payed 20 dollars per hour for this horrible and terrifying job. Tip-toeing his way to the centre, he took the noose and found something peculiar. There was blood, and the noose was dirty, from the Anon that was killed last day by the lynch-happy Mayor, with what he knew to be the mafia pushing it. Yet there was something peculiar about this noose. A trail of blood ran from it, all the way to the forest, filled with blackberry bushes that he had picked from from the day before- and the body was missing. Determined to find the culprit of who stole the body, he ran towards the forest, and approached slowly as he heard the most intense stabbing he had ever heard. The Serial Killer, he thought nervously, as he approached with his gun- lifting the bushes. He immediately turned pale white. For it was not the Serial Killer that he found, but rather, something even more terrifying- the Mayor, suddenly took off his visage and revealed his mask, proceeding to berate the poor Medium laying against the wall. He muttered with his knife while shaking: tOo EaSy fOr MaFiA tO cLaIm, tOo UnDeRpOwErEd, UnBaLaNcEd, YoU hOrRiBlE eViL pErSoN.......and though the Medium tried to show her will, the information that she had, the so-called Mayor didn't care. He stabbed her directly in the chest, and left her to die and struggle with the thousands of alt spirits that would haunt her, repeating the same lines over and over again. And it was then that RubikJohn saw who he really was-

The Role Reviewer.

Abilities: You can check the noose each night, checking for if there is a Role Reviewer. If there is one, you will follow them into the forest where you will promptly be murdered for not being harsh enough to new users.

Thread Favourites?

What the Town Members can be Arrested/Charged for (by TheRetroPioneer)

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