aka a little slugcat

  • I live in 667 Dark Avenue
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is *sips tea*
  • I am Life is not my favorite, but it helps me to SUFFER AND SUFFER in my healthy health!
Slugcat by bluefoxgui-dchep4a

"The town is too evil to find anyone good!"

About Me

I am a flautist and avid animator who really sucks at animation. My work is mostly for school projects, but I have a couple side animations that are currently a work in progress. I also watch Broadway (Aladdin is the best Broadway musical. I will fight anyone who says otherwise.), write stories, listen to and compose music, and read a lot. I have a mild form of synesthesia that enables me to associate or "see" sounds with a corresponding color (ex. C is yellow, A is dark blue, E is purple-gray, etc.). It makes listening to music quite the experience.

Favorite musical: Aladdin

Favorite book series: A Series of Unfortunate Events Favorite Youtuber: Cranbersher, PM Seymour

Favorite Movie: Wreck-it-Ralph? WALL-E? The Little Prince? 

Favorite Piece: Either Beethoven's 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement or Vivaldi's La Primavera (although Rage Over A Lost Penny is growing on me) 

Some synesthetically pleasing music: "View" by SHINEE, Beethoven's 7th Symphony, Second Movement, literally any lofi piece, "Dream of Sky" (I forget the artist)

Favorite Word: Infinitesimal. It sounds like it means "really large", but in reality, it means "so small it's negligible".

About TOS Me

Account: EsYa7Eleven

In-Game Name: Mewkshakes, Slugkitty, the name of a drag queen (usually Manila Luzon (MY BABY WAS ROBBED OKAY), Violet Chachki, Miss Fame, or Miz Cracker). I'll usually sign my will with "~Slugkitty~".

Customization: Potion Master/Ms. Direction skin, Bad Luck pet, Halfling Hovel, "Splat!" death animation, Jester lobby icon.

I don't have the Coven Expansion, but I've played it a couple times on my friends' accounts. I've decided it isn't really worth buying.

Favorite Roles: Least Favorite Roles: 
Investigator Jailor
Blackmailer Survivor
Medium Janitor
Consigliere Werewolf
Jester Crusader


Investigator: You have a guaranteed chance of finding out someone's role through scum reading. 

Jailor: YOU GET BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING. Also, the game's outcome will almost always depend on how good the Jailor is. If you have a crappy, execution-happy Jailor...good luck. 

Blackmailer: It's so much fun hanging back and claiming Spy, seeming pretty much confirmed. The Blackmailer isn't entirely useless like this as it can still read whispers and relay important information back to the Mafia. 

Survivor: THE WORST NEUTRAL ROLE TO EXIST. I hate playing with Survivors because they just become Kingmakers at the end of the game or they refuse to vote for anyone. 

Medium: Ooh boy. A lot of people hate this role when it is actually one of the most important roles in the game. Many dead TIs rely on Mediums to relay information to Town. And it's just fun to actively chat with people from different Alignments.

Janitor: Can't claim ANYTHING. Medium claims are automatically suspicious, and Retributionist claims are too skewed. 

Consigliere: It's an Investigator, but better! I put this as fourth because while it's awesome, it's often useless because of the goddamned Sheriff and because the Mafia likes to stupidly imply that they have a Consilierge. 

Werewolf: Have I mentioned I really hate NK? 

Jester: Claim Veteran and immediately get lynched. You won't get targeted in case you actually are the Veteran, and if you're jailed, just confess that you are the Jester and you will get whoever the Jailor wants dead if the Jailor helps you. 

Crusader: The Crusader is a horrible and useless role that needs to be removed 

Why Mediums Don't Suck

  • They can talk to the dead. 
    • The ability to talk to the dead is often overlooked because of potentially more powerful TIs early in game, but later, Mediums can get the wills of dead TIs with forged or cleaned wills. 
  • They can confirm each other. 
    • If there are multiple Mediums, they can easily prove each other by asking the dead if there are other Mediums. A Medium can seance a confirmed Townie to let them know if a Medium claim is fake. 
  • Their seance can change the game's outcome. 
    • A smart Medium will save their seance for later, using it to either confirm other townies, let townies know who the remaining Mafia are, or convince an evil that a Townie is a Neutral Role (i.e. the unrevealed Mayor is actually a Witch). 
  • The "Medium Curse" doesn't actually exist. 
    • The situation with Mediums dying Night 1 all the time is an unfortunate coincidence, but it is so emphasized that players often forget the fact that Arsonists almost always die to an alerting Veteran, or that whENEVER I GET INVESTIGATOR I ALWAYS DIE NIGHT 1. 

Memorable Games

Best Game: I was Serial Killer in a Ranked game. I claimed Doctor and made no kills at all (I was extremely lucky there wasn't a witch that game), so everyone though the Neutral Killing was Arsonist. Therefore, the town went after all Bodyguard claims. I found an Investigator early on and whispered to him that I would be on him throughout the game. Halfway through the game, a Jester randomly whispered me to help him win, so I helped him and innoed at the last minute. Pushing any and all lynches as well as letting the Mafia take care of the killing, I finally killed the transporter 8 nights in (everyone was so surprised when the transporter died to a serial killer.) There were only 3 people left: the Godfather, the Jailor, and me. I revealed that I was the Serial Killer, and the Jailor decided to side with the Serial Killer (thank God). We both killed the Godfather. The jailor jailed me that night and revealed that he had no executions left, so I ended up killing the jailor and winning. It was my first win as Serial Killer in Ranked. 

Fun Arso Game: I was Arsonist in Ranked Practice (too lazy to wait). I claimed Investigator and whispered all my results to the Transporter I found. I largely stayed out of town discussion, pushing people the town thought of as suspicious, and largely stayed out of the spotlight. After I ignited and killed the Transporter, Godfather, Mafioso, and confirmed Spy, I claimed Investigator to the 4 people left. I had also found the Jester and doused him, trying to make him look more suspicious, but the Veteran didn't vote the Jester and I ended up killing him and the last Mafia. It was me and the Veteran, and I decided to take a gamble and douse him. That gamble backfired and I got shot, but it was a fun game nonetheless. 

First Skimm Game: I was in Skimm's August Livestream, in his second-to-last game (amne's revenge). I was Lydia Dustin the Jester (ooh boy). I decided to claim Sheriff, and all was going according to plan. (Skimm died Night 1 and got revived--he was a Bodyguard.) Around the middle of the game, half the Amnes decide to remember Serial Killer, and the other Investigator. I claim Sheriff and call out a random person, accusing them of being Serial Killer. He gets lynched, turns out to be Godfather, and I'm confident I'll be lynched the next day. Then some stupid Serial Killer kills me. The Serial Killers ended up winning, with Skimm taking one of them down with him. It was a pretty fun game, and a nice first game with Skimm. 

Single-Handed Mafia Win: I was Janitor in a Ranked Practice game with a salty Mafioso. The Godfather was jailed Night 1, and the Blackmailer sudokued that night. The Mafioso decides to sudoku into the Jailor Night 3 (and we know there is a Bodyguard on the Jailor). The Jailor decides to execute the Godfather that day, and dies to a Serial Killer. I claim Medium (with a long and okay [if rushed] will), and promise to get information from the Jailor. A random Vigilante shoots another Vigilante that night, and the Serial Killer kills someone (at this point, it's me, a Transporter, a Doctor, the Vigilante, and the Serial Killer). Town decides to lynch the Serial Killer, and I think I'm screwed because the Transporter would just transport me into my target, thereby killing me. I kill the transporter who thought the Vigilante was the Mafioso, and I kill the Doctor the next night. It was my first win as Janitor ever. 

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