aka meh I'm a banana.

  • I live in Vietnam
  • I was born on November 19
  • My occupation is Peeling bananas
  • I am Other ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) JK I'm male

Hi! If you're watching this, you're wasting your time! I mean, why are you here in my profile page out of all people, especially when I hardly even come back here to check out let alone be active in this wiki? If you want somewhere that I'm actually active on, then there's Discord (Username: Sondz1911#9192)

Vandal Section:  Edit

No, you have friends. I'm one of them - A spoopy ghost

I gotchu fam. Ya has them friends - a very rexy friend

sondz best donkey

aww... - A great source of numerous healthy minerals like potassium, potassium, and more potassium.

I'm not your friend - Not your friend. - Not your friend. - Not your friend. 

(that was a joke :P)

;-; - A banana

nowikis for lyfe -Rex

I actually didn't use any nowikis... - the guy who says ;-;

";" -MR nowiki

*kicks MR. Nowiki*

*jumps* -Rex

*But he is 2 fat.*

I bet you like the Doge meme. - Unknown

me is no meme ;-;

what do you call a banana with banana eyes? An excellent murder, that's what it is. - Fell (Felix*)

What is this Sondz you speak of - Anonymous

lel fell - "an excellent murder"

Just say I'm Kakashi at the Describe the above user's avatar PLEASE! I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW NARUTO! Also, I voted for you... - Francois2005

kek then - Sondz1911 the banana

Hello there Mr.Banana o3o - An easily bored person

*gives Sondz a big huggie* - Gurtstur

*gives Gurtstur a big huggie* - Warbenjegermanjensen

*gives sdfhadk;fjghjksdfehwbflsdbgbd a big huggie* - Rex

*Nukes Sondz* - Gort Lord


[All ToS stuffs that I put in here is deleted because I don't play the game anymore, and it is outdated anyways.]

bananar man u there? Uh hell no, do you think I am?

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