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This is the Table of Contents for Blood Moon: A Town of Salem Story.

Created by DesertStorm11 in May of 2017.


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three


Spicy, Eclipsa, Shadow, Francois, Felicia, Chengsha, Rubik, Stormy, Hawaiian, Sondz, Desert, Addfire, Super, Secretive, Matthews, Mushroom, Ghosty, Eddie, Josh, and Jally

Alignment Choices

Spicy - Mafia Support (Neutral Evil)

Eclipsa - Mafia Support (Neutral Evil)

Shadow - Neutral Chaos (Mafia Support)

Francois - Town Investigative (Neutral Evil)

Felicia - Town Protective (Mafia Killing)

Chengsha - Neutral Evil (Mafia Deception)

Rubik - Mafia Support (Town Investigative)

Stormy - Mafia Killing (Neutral Evil)

Hawaiian - Mafia Support (Neutral Benign)

Sondz - Neutral Chaos (Mafia Killing)

Desert - Town Killing (Neutral Killing)

Addfire - Mafia Support (Neutral Benign)

Super - Town Killing (Neutral Evil)

Secretive - Mafia Support (Town Support)

Matthews - Mafia Killing (Neutral Killing)

Mush - Neutral Evil (Town Protective)

Ghosty - Neutral Evil (Town Killing)

Eddie - Town Investigative (Neutral Benign)

Josh - Neutral Chaos (Mafia Killing)

Jally - Neutral Killing (Mafia Deception)