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  • Sondz1911

    Fun Facts 3 (Finally)

    June 23, 2017 by Sondz1911

    oh damn what did you expect it's ya boi Sondz back with the long-awaited fun facts.

    This time featuring submitted facts.

    (might be inaccurate)

    Fun Fact #1: The first thread on the Forum was Made by HAWAIIANpikachu and Called "canon stories". It was made in the Fun and games board on June 1st, 2016 (submitted by Jmskillz)

    Fun Fact #2: PlayfulTrickster101 joined exactly a year after MattBab4. (submitted by ShadowxCookie)

    Fun Fact #3: There are 4,481 registered users (the ones that aren't anons) as of right now, but only 2,632 of them made at least an edit.

    Fun Fact #4: Most mainspace awards:

    1st Place: Ulithemuli (1453 mainspace edits)    

    2nd Place: Yami riku (1339 mainspace edits)

    3rd Place: TurdPile (553 mainspace edits)

    Fun Fact #5: Almost 30% of …

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  • Sondz1911

    Fun Facts 2

    May 9, 2017 by Sondz1911

    NOTE: If you have any fun facts that you would like to appear in future part, submit it by PM'ing me in Discord! My Discord tag is Sondz1911#9517. They have to be interesting tho

    oh boi didn't think the first one would turn out that well so Imma make another one of there 8)

    Fun Fact #1: I first joined the wiki and created an account for making a role called the Revealer (which was rejected by Hawaiian 8( ). It was the only role idea I've ever made.

    ​Fun Fact #2: If you search the comments in the Medium page, you would see me saying "Code 3: Wikia". It was for a dead Forum game that I've made, called Find the Secret Code.

    ​Fun Fact #3: Town of Salem wiki was created in 13:06 GMT/UTC, March 22, 2014.

    ​Fun Fact #4: The most commented page on the w…

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  • Sondz1911

    Fun Facts

    May 7, 2017 by Sondz1911

    Damn, so many stories lately, so why not make a compliation of a bunch of wiki fun facts to blend in? 8)

    This is just a part 1, more facts coming soon...

    Fun fact #1: If you're new to the wiki and you wanna read ALL the recent stories written by people, you would need to read a total of 63 seperate chapters, which if you read one every 15 minutes, you would take 945 minutes to read them all (AKA 15 hours and 45 minutes reading time)

    Fun fact #2: 47/50 blog posts in the first page of the "Blogs" section are stories

    Fun fact #3: The most commented blog post is not Edit Clubs by me, but "DR THREAD BECAUSE SPECIAL CHARACTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED SMH KMN" by VeneraSurvivalGuid101 with 243 comments from Hawaiian and himselfzerself.

    Fun fact #4: The creator o…

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  • Sondz1911

    Edit Clubs

    February 25, 2017 by Sondz1911

    [Note: - 14/5/17: I won't be updating Edit Clubs for this week because of tests soon]

    So, if you don't know yet, Rex is feeling stressed because of his school life, so, that's the reason why Rex have been inactive the past few weeks, and also the reason why he couldn't always keep track of his Edit Clubs blog. So now, I'm gonna recreate the Edit Clubs (Rex deleted the first one). wish me luck finishing this.

    This list will be in order, the more down you go, the more edits.

    Last Updated (updated weekly): 5:49 GMT+7, 9th of May, 2017

     - Thanks Shadow x2 for helping me with this update (1/5/17 and 9/5/17)

    New Update: Every person above 750 edits will recieve their exact numbers of edits and their edit ratio.





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  • Sondz1911

    OK, so this will be kinda like Jm's list (so that's why there's a "Part 2"), but this is MY opinion. This list will not be based on how helpful they are on the wiki, but how good my opinion is against them (Sorry Zed and Uli). 

    Also, this is also based on DR wiki and Discord servers >_>

    11- Jmskilz: Props to the first person who made it.

    10 - VeneraSurvivalGuid101: Putting you on this list because... VENERA IS DAT BOI CONFIRMED!!!!!11!1!!!!11ONEONEONEONEONE!!! jk you're a very nice person. love ya

    I'll leave that for you to read.

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