On July 20th of 2017, BlankMediaGames introduced Web Premium, accompanying the release of Version 2.0.3. By purchasing Web Premium for $5.00 USD in the game's shop, players will receive the exclusive Webby pet, 2000 Town Points, and 100% increased Merit Points (for every 10 Merit Points you would receive 20 instead). If the player also has their Steam account linked to the Steam version of Town of Salem, the Merit Points bonus will stack for a 3x bonus.

BlankMediaGames requires Web Premium or the Steam Version to purchase the Coven DLC, which is available for $5.00.

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 8.53.55 PM

The notice new players are prompted with.

On November 3rd of 2018, Town of Salem moved away from Free To Play. Anyone who creates an account after this day will be prompted with a notice stating they have to upgrade their account to Web Premium in order to play the game. Accounts made before this day and who made a purchase using real money or played at least 1 game were grandfathered in, meaning they did not have to purchase Web Premium in order to play.[1]


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