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Rain pours and lightning flashes through the sky as a skinny teenage boy pushes open a wire gate to a dark trail surrounded by trees. He holds his books close to his chest, glancing around for danger. The boy hears footsteps behind him and spins around, but sees nothing but darkness. Turning around again, he bumps into three tall teenagers staring down at the him. They throw him to the ground, and throw his backpack and books across the wet grass. The boy wails for them to stop, but they don't listen. They kick him over and over, until one of them pulls him up by the shirt. He feels blood dripping down his face as he is thrown back towards the fence. His body is filled with fear, but rage as well; as he wipes the blood off of his face, he notices that his hand is covered in a thick layer of hair. A flash of lightning illuminating the night, the boy glances up at the sky: the full moon is caught in his gaze, and a loud howl escapes from his mouth. (credit)


  • Choose to Rampage at someone's house each Full Moon. You deal a Powerful attack to your target and all their visitors.
  • If you do not select a target, you will stay home and attack anyone who visits you.
  • If a Witch or Coven Leader controls you even if you stay home or not, you will attack the target of their choice.
  • If you attack someone who has been jailed, you will deal a Powerful attack to all visitors who attempted to visit the jailed target, but not the Jailor or the Jailee/person being jailed.
  • You cannot be controlled or transported into attacking yourself, if you target yourself via controlling or transportation, you will simply stay home.
  • If you are jailed on a Full Moon and aren't executed, you will attack the Jailor. A Bodyguard or Trapper who is protecting the Jailor will attack you.
  • If you are roleblocked by an Escort, Consort, or Pirate on a Full Moon, you will be forced to stay home and therefore attack them.
    • Unlike the Serial Killer, a role blocker (including the Jailor if they didn't execute you) will not receive a special message upon being killed by you, hence they cannot guarantee if you are a Werewolf or not.
  • You will always attack the Pirate if they duel you on a Full Moon whether they win the duel or not.
  • On normal nights, if you are controlled, you will still visit the target chosen by the controller, meaning you will be seen by Lookouts and Trackers and can die to a Veteran.
  • You appear suspicious to Sheriffs on a Full Moon.


The Werewolf is similar to the Serial Killer since both usually work alone and kill targets directly, but there are major differences:

  • You can only kill on the Night of a Full Moon. However, you will attack all visitors to your target. You can also choose to stay home, which the Serial Killer cannot do, and you can kill people who visit you this way.
  • You deal a Powerful attack to your targets, while the Serial Killer only deals a Basic attack to a single target.
  • You cannot spare role blockers on a Full Moon, and they will prevent you from killing your original target unlike the Serial Killer. Additionally, you do not destroy the Last Wills of the offending role blockers.
  • You are truly a lone killer, while the Serial Killer can possibly have multiple Serial Killers. If you die, you will lose the game unless an Amnesiac remembers your role.

You should:

  • Target people the Town is becoming suspicious of as they will most likely be visited by a lot of people. They will often be jailed, role blocked, investigated or Framed, and are unlikely to be protected by a Bodyguard.
    • Veterans and other roles reliant on attacking visitors make an exception here.
  • Try to figure out what people are doing so you can target your attacks for maximum kills. If you suspect that a Lookout is watching someone, an Investigator is investigating them, a Transporter is moving them, an Escort is blocking them, or a Blackmailer is repeatedly blackmailing them, attacking them can target both them and their visitors at the same time.
    • Some of these people will come out and announce leads (such as an Escort declaring that they've role blocked someone last Night and will do it again after finding no kills). Others you have to infer from context. For example, if someone signals that they were blackmailed by clicking votes repeatedly, for instance, attacking them might let you kill a Blackmailer.
  • An alternate strategy is to hide throughout the game. If you claim to be an Executioner (preferably by legitimately trying to have someone hanged) and visit yourself every Night, then, assuming no one visits you, you can attack out of nowhere during endgame. This strategy will have a higher chance of working in All Any mode since roles are random.
    • This is unlikely to work in modes or lists with only one Neutral Evil and Neutral Killing, since you rely on the other role not to quickly expose you or be killed by any other means.
  • Consider staying at home. If a Doctor visits you, you can claim to have been attacked by the Werewolf and healed by the Doctor. You will also kill anyone attempting to investigate or attack you, which can prevent them from telling anyone what they learn unless there's a Medium or if they updated their Last Will.
    • Try to have a lot of attention directed at you if you're doing it. You'll most likely kill any Investigators, Doctors, Sheriffs, Consiglieres or any others visiting you.
    • One downside to this is that anyone who visits you might name you in their Last Will as the next person they're visiting. If just one person does so, you'll be alright (as they could have been the one the Werewolf targeted), but if multiple people do and you aren't visited by a Doctor, then your status as a Werewolf will be obvious.
    • Another downside is that you're not always going to kill someone that Full Moon. Visiting someone almost guarantees you will kill one person, if not more.
  • It's generally a bad strategy to act like a Jester, as that will make you an obvious target to the Town Killing roles. The Jester will be shot and killed, but you will appear to have a higher Defense value than said Town Killing role's Attack value at Night, which almost always leads to a lynch.
  • Targeting a revealed Mayor carries some danger since a Bodyguard or Trapper can still kill you, but if you're sure there's not a Bodyguard in the game, it can be an effective way to target a Transporter, Lookout, or anyone else visiting the Mayor that Night.
  • If someone accuses you, you should stay at home, as Town Investigatives will likely visit you that Night since suspicion is being cast on you. However, if the accuser is still alive, they could still lead a lynch against you.
  • If accused, you could also attack the accuser, but this carries the risk of Town becoming suspicious of you from their death. Also, a Town Protective could also be on them. However, if the accusation isn't all that big, say, they ask for a role or start showing suspicion of you, feel free to attack them as the risk is lower. This can be harder to use in game if the Townie accusing is claiming a Town Investigative role and says your investigation result.
  • If you are attacked, you could be in trouble, since whoever attacked you is very likely to call you out for having a higher Defense value than the attacker's Attack value in their next Death Note or Last Will. There's no perfect way to deal with this.
    • One option is to immediately claim Survivor and say you vested. Survivor is a common Werewolf claim, and the Town loses little by hanging one, so this may not work, but if you're going to do it, it's better to do it before you're accused rather than after. However, this violates your investigative results.
    • Another option is to immediately start acting like an Executioner. It fits in with your investigation results and might discourage the Town from calling you out. It could also make the Town dismiss the accusation if they do, but this risks having you hung as an Executioner or executed by the Jailor.
    • Alternatively, you could act as an Executioner from the start (accuse someone Day 2). This does risk being hung as Executioner or being executed by the Jailor but has the advantage of being a consistent claim throughout the game. However, this could potentially backfire if your target isn't Town.
    • If the next Night is a Full Moon Night, you can claim to be a Sheriff or Lookout, accuse someone of being a member of the Mafia, then kill them yourself, which will both explain your Basic Defense (by making it look like you were an Executioner) and make people assume you've become a Jester, causing them to ignore you; as a side benefit, accusing someone may make people visit them, netting you additional kills. And if they do coincidentally turn out to be Mafia, then the Town is likely to believe you are what you actually claimed and ignore the Mafia's Death Notes saying you have a higher Defense value than the Mafia Killing role's Attack value.
    • A third option is just to say that whoever called you out is lying if they're likely Mafia or a Serial Killer. Unfortunately, the Mafia and Serial Killer have an incentive to truthfully call out rivals with a higher Defense value than their attacker's Attack value, so they tend to be believed.
    • Staying home reduces the risk of being called out as a role with Defense (ie. a Serial Killer or Vigilante if they try to attack you on a Full Moon Night where you stay home, they'll die before they can tell anyone, Mediums aside), but doesn't provide protection from being outed by Vampires or the Mafia unless you're lucky enough to eliminate them entirely that Night. Any Survivors will see that you were unaffected by the attack and know to out you.
  • Under certain limited circumstances, it can be advantageous to claim to be a Witch. The Witch is not a target for the Mafia (so they're more likely to focus on someone else, possibly hanging a Survivor claim or an actual Witch in your stead) and while they're an enemy of the Town, they're less of a danger than your actual role. Survivor is such a common claim for Werewolves that both the Mafia and Town, when seeking a Werewolf with no other leads, are very likely to hang a Survivor claim over a Witch one. If it's nearing the end of the game and the Town needs to hang a killer immediately to win or the Mafia just gained a majority, claiming Witch can sometimes buy you the small amount of time you need to win. Note that this will not work if your Basic Defense has already been discovered (since unlike the Witch, attackers will receive an immunity message). Make sure you claim before you are voted up or are receiving votes because you are less likely to be put down from the stand as a Witch than a Survivor.
  • If you see someone who said something along the lines of, "Investigator or Sheriff, this person is very suspicious. Please check them tonight", or "Escort please role block this person tonight", it is a good idea to attack that person who is going to be visited by those roles. Since they are less likely to be protected by a Bodyguard, watched by a Lookout, or healed by a Doctor, you might be able to kill some people, even the important Town Investigative or Town Support roles, and keep suspicion away from you for some time, unless your status is already discovered.
  • If you are pressed a role, Sheriff is usually your best bet. It fits in your investigation result and is hard to disprove. However, since Sheriff is such a common claim for Werewolves (and any other evil role), you might be lynched on the spot. Make sure to have a fake Last Will to back your claim up.
  • Generally speaking, you should focus on killing the "factions" of Vampires and Mafia more than focusing on killing Town, especially if they can gain a majority quickly. With a few exceptions, the Town is not a huge threat to you and will have trouble identifying you; but it is flatly not possible for you to win if the game comes down to you against multiple members of the Mafia/Coven or Vampires. Additionally, both have a high chance of identifying you by attacking you. You should try to eradicate them as quickly as possible.

If your target was...

  • If your target was jailed, you will kill anyone who visits your target. The target and the Jailor will not be affected.
    • This generates the message "Your target was not home, but you rampaged anyways."
  • If you are roleblocked on a Full Moon by an Escort, Consort or Pirate, you will stay at home and attack them instead. This can and usually will generate suspicion from the Town against you, provided the role blocker kept an updated will.
  • If your target was visited, you will attack the target and all visitors.

Behavior with other roles

  • Serial Killers will rarely attack suspicious targets. If you want to kill the Serial Killer, try to identify them or predict who they will attack next.
    • Note that just like the Mafia, it is not a bad idea to keep the Serial Killer alive, until mid-game or possibly Night 4 where a moderately large portion of the other players are dead.
  • Try to work with Witches/Pirates, Survivors, Guardian Angels, Amnesiacs, Jesters and Executioners. These are your only possible allies and can help you with votes.
  • You have a leg-up on the Arsonist: If you keep attacking targets who aren't doused, you may kill the Arsonist directly or indirectly. Furthermore, the Arsonist will usually save their incineration until the end, giving you plenty of time to kill them even if you are doused yourself.
    • As of the current version of Town of Salem, you should try and use Investigators' results to figure out who isn't doused, and who is.
  • The Escorts and Consorts are dangerous to you because they force you to stay home, killing all visitors. If one visits you and puts you in their Last Will, you may come under suspicion and possibly be lynched.
  • Coven Leaders are dangerous to you because if they discover your identity, they can force you to attack their targets for them or force you to visit Medusa on a non-Full Moon Night.
  • Sheriffs are somewhat dangerous. If they interrogate you on a Full Moon, they'll see you as suspicious and will usually out you the next Day. Checking you on either Nights 1 and 3 however, nets you with some degree of confirmability since you appear as not suspicious. Smart Townies, however, may point out you can still be the Werewolf overall.
  • Investigators are moderately dangerous as well. Your Sheriff/Executioner/Werewolf/Poisoner result provides some protection, but you could be called out if all the Town Investigatives are revealed or if the Town is hunting a Werewolf in particular. This is because Sheriff is a somewhat suspicious role.
  • Doctors, Crusaders, Lookouts or Transporters are not very dangerous. If they heal, protect, watch, or transport your target, they will die.
  • A Lookout can be dangerous if there is a Medium, or if there's a Town Protective role that aims to save the Lookout from death. That way, they could inform the Town of who the Werewolf is.
  • A Tracker is dangerous, If they track you when you attack someone, they could inform the Town of the Werewolf's identity.
  • Veterans may end up killing you on chance, so attempt to identify them as soon as possible. If one is identified, consider them as the last ones to kill, to increase the likelihood that they waste their alerts or be killed by someone else. If you visit an alerting Veteran, both of you will be dealt with a powerful attack. It should also be noted that a Werewolf will win by default against a Veteran if they are the only two players alive, so it might be worth avoiding the Veteran altogether.
  • Serial Killers and the Mafia are less dangerous to you than they are to most other roles since they can't kill you at Night; but they can still call you out for having a higher Defense value than their Attack value, so it's worth trying to eliminate them if you can figure out who they are. If someone accuses you of having immunity, remind the Town that they would be taking advice from a Serial Killer or the Mafia, who doesn't have their best interests in mind.
  • A Bodyguard or a trap from a Trapper will not harm you if their target visited your target and died due to your Rampage ability. Other protective roles; however, will save their target as they give them Powerful defense regardless of any outside circumstances.

Dealing with Werewolves

  • If you visit a player and they died to the Werewolf, they were not the direct target of the Werewolf, but instead visited the Werewolf's target or the Werewolf themselves.
  • As a Sheriff, you will only see the Werewolf as suspicious on Full Moon nights. Keep this in mind when you find somebody suspicious.
  • If there is confirmed to be a Werewolf in the game, it is wise to limit visits to high-profile targets on Full Moon nights in general. The Werewolf would attack anyone who would garner any visits, so avoid needlessly visiting targets that will already have plenty of visitors on Full Moon nights.
  • If you do find the Werewolf, it might be wise to keep them alive right after a Full Moon Night in order to lynch higher priority targets like a member of the Mafia/Coven, the Arsonist, ​​​​​​or any other evil as the Werewolf can't attack on Non-Full Moon nights. If it is a Full Moon however, lynching the Werewolf would be a smarter move.